Tony Petrello’s contribution to Nabor Industries

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. Hard work, consistency and creative thinking of Tony have given him a sound reputation in the current society. Many people know him for what he has given back to the society particularly towards helping children with neurological disorders.

During his childhood memories, he was famous for being an amazing ambitious mathematician. At the University, he was awarded a scholarship to be mentored by Serge Langham brilliant author, professor and mathematician of his times. Throughout his tenure, his efforts has seen the company take new levels in its authority in the the oil drilling industry.

The Nabors industry is also known of offering some of the largest and safest drilling rigs in nearly all markets. Tony is also known for his generous philanthropic donations towards helping charitable institutions.

Tony and his wife have donated to the NRI located in Texas Children Hospital. They also reported to give an additional $2 to the hospital in the near future. The donations will help Children with neurological disorders to access high quality treatment from world’s top doctors and specialists.

This serves as a greater advantage for the children battling life threatening and debilitating disorders. Petrello and his wife have an eight-year old, Carena, who has suffered from periventricular leukomalacia. She developed the condition at six years of age after having been born prematurely.

At such a tender age, her brain could not receive sufficient blood flow which resulted to cerebral palsy and experiencing developmental delays. Their daughter’s condition pushed them to want to find a positive treatment for her. Throughout Carena’s life, her parents have been there for her to help her work with her developmental disabilities. They are open to sharing their story with parents and family members of children with neurological disorders.

Tony Petrellohas been so committed in connecting with researchers and doctors towards finding a cure for these disorders. This has been through volunteering for charitable events and speaking to people with the hope of ending neurological disorders. Tony is overjoyed that his daughter can take breakfast and chew solid food, something she couldn’t do. He is also working towards helping her walk and talk. This inspires him every single morning.

Petrello, s accomplishments clearly display that overwhelming situations like that of his daughter Carena can be overcome through strong consistent work, utmost intelligence and perseverance. His life is worth of admiration and emulation. Despite of the challenges that Tony has faced in his search for the treatment of neurological disorders, He still hopes that a treatment is just around the corner.

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