The Manse on Marsh Given Heaps of Praise

The Manse on Marsh is the name of an assisted living community that operates in the San Luis Obispo area in California.

The community, which is independently run, recently received some recognition for its work and help, and is also now the recipient of the “Caring Star” award. The award is given to assisted living and care communities that have high positive reviews and ratings on a senior directory care website.

Arroyo Grande is the name of the area that the community is served by, and 2016 was the second year in a row that the Arroyo Grande assisted living campus has earned that honor. In order to qualify for the award, communities need to have at least one five-star rating within the last year, an overall average rating that is more than four stars and no negative reviews that have not been resolved within that time. The Manse on Marsh has accomplished all of these, in fact the community has an all-time rating of five stars.

A research survey done at the Arroyo Grande assisted living showed that most of the respondents there were heavily reliant on Internet-based consumer reviews when making their decisions as opposed to word of mouth recommendations by medical experts or personnel. This went for senior care online researches in general. Some of the services provided in this system include medication management, frequent meal reminders and a bathing and grooming service, all of which are determined by a point system that is based on the caring needs of the resident. This ensures that residents who pay for specific services are given those services and those only.

Manse on Marsh is a community that also offers a wide variety of other amenities such as private homes, special flats, easy to access transportation, lots of social activities, maid and laundry services and dining experiences that are of restaurant caliber.