Teaching an Old Shark New Tricks

White Shark Media recognized early on that they were not going to get every single detail of their customer service experience correct as soon as they opened. No business can reasonably expect that.

The key for any business to get better is to take customer complaints seriously and then adapt your operating procedure to address these complaints. White Shark Media has been very transparent about this process, opening up about the feedback they’ve gotten in their early stages, as well as the steps they’ve taken to improve.

One complaint they heard about was transparency. White Shark Media had clients early on who felt as though they didn’t know what was going on with their AdWords campaigns.

This falls under the umbrella of “communication,’ a problem many companies have had as it seems more and more difficult to get a hold of a real person on the phone in lieu of a labyrinth of automated menus. White Shark Media, though they never implemented an automated system, did take steps to increase communication.

According to Disqus, one approach White Shark Media took was to add direct lines for everybody in their offices so that clients could reach their contact directly, rather than going through a receptionist. This enables clients to have their questions addressed in a timely manner.

Another step White Shark Media Complaints team took was to schedule monthly calls with clients. Not only did they schedule those video calls, they’ve also set up those video calls so that clients can see what is on their contact’s screen, leading to even greater clarity. This approach has done wonders to streamline communication between client and contact.

White Shark has also taken steps to ensure that no client will fell as though the old campaign they were using is better than the ones they offer. They’ve done this by incorporating what has worked in previous campaigns and providing contact oversight from supervisors. These supervisors assist not only in making sure that the campaign their contact offers is the most effective, but also making sure that the contact in question is also in tune with the client’s needs.

Through these and other changes, White Shark Media has made the effort to address every complaint and utilize that feedback in order to become a stronger company for their clients. White Shark Media will continue to grow along with the evolving needs of their clients.

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