How Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group, Exceeded His Goals

When he was just a boy, Sheldon Lavin, learned some financial tips and tricks at school that inspired him to make a difference in the world by building companies where people could get the food and resources that they need daily.

Mr. Lavin began his journey in the finance world, 43 years ago, as an investor in the banking industry, and soon after he started his own financial consulting firm, that assisted companies, to get funding, for their businesses.

Although nervous at first, Mr. Lavin gained confidence with experience and soon the feelings of doubt surpassed.

But he didn’t actually get his big break until signing a contract to work with Otto and Sons. Because Lavin knew that without capital to expand this business would stay small and may not even make it much longer, yet he felt that they had so much potential, and his feelings turned out to be right, because with his help, Otto & Sons Enterprises began to grow and grow and within just one year, they were stretched out all across America. That is when Sheldon Lavin knew that he had a great talent for building enterprises and began helping even larger businesses to grow and become successful.

By 1980 Lavin had gained full control of the OSI Group, that now has nearly 20,000 employees all over the world, and have expanded all over Europe into places like South Africa, Japan, India, China, The Philippines, Australia, Brazil, etc. What’s more, is, OSI is the biggest supplier of protein to the McDonald’s system.

At age 81 Sheldon Levin has achieved so much success in his life, the following are just a few of the many accomplishments he has been recognized for:

• Was named trustee for the Ronald McDonald House Charities
• A Board member at the Rush University Medical Center
• A Board member at Goodman Theatre
• President/Director of The Sheba Foundation
• He was also presented with the Global Visionary Award by The Vision World Academy in India
• And so much more

And, Mr. Lavin has given back so much, by being an active contributor to a number of charities both national and local including:

• The National Multiple Sclerosis Society
• The Jewish United Fund (as well as other Jewish charities)
• Evans Scholarship Fund
• United Negro College Fund
• The Boys and Girls Clubs in Chicago
• Also in Chicago, the Inner City Foundation
• The Ronald McDonald House Charities
• And many more

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