Securus Technologies responds to GTL press release

Securus Technologies have been able to make a strong name for themselves in the world of corrections and prison monitoring. One company claims that Securus has infringed on their patents and have issued a press release explaining the infringement that has alledgedly been done. Securus on the other hand has responded to the patent violation claims.


Global Tel Link, or GTL, has released a press release stating that Securus Technologies infringed on United State Patent #7,256,816. This patent has to do with prison inmate video visitation technology. GTK has gone to Texas federal courts looking to get monetary compensation for supposed damages. Securus on the other hand has responded to the allegations.


Securus claims that GTK has over exaggerated the supposed violations. Of the 55 parts of the patent, Securus contends that there is only one part that is in question. Securus has vehemently denied that single alledged infraction. GTL says that it was a ‘fundamental security feature‘. Securus says that it is the only independent claim of the patent that GTK has and that the rest of the patent depends on a lot of other companies including Securus Technolgies. The two companies have reached similar agreements in the past.


Securus Technologies officials and representatives state that it is GTK’s refusal to go into a licensing agreement that is making the lawsuit that much more difficult. GTK on the other hand wants to end all previous agreements with Securus Technologies.


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