Sanjay Shah Aids in Research for Autism

Sanjay Shah has become quite familiar with autism and research over the past few years as he has started his charity called Autism Rocks. When his family found out that his youngest son was diagnosed with autism, it was an overload on the senses and although he had heard the word before, he wasn’t exactly sure what it meant. After a doctor’s visit and a phone call later it was affirmed that he did indeed have the neurological condition. His first response as a father was that he just wanted to fix it for his son, and make it go away. However, that cannot be done some simply. Sanjay Shah realized that he and his wife wanted to donate their money to researching the condition as they felt that is where the most valuable data comes from.

Through their concert they help raise donations which in turn, Shah donates to research teams. A lot of the money raised goes to the Autism Research Trust (ART). Their research team there called the Autism Research Center benefits from the funds an allows money to aid in their research process. The center is based at the Cambridge University that really focuses on and works hard to understand the cause and effects of autism. All of their research projects are long term and concentrate on identifying autism as early as possible to intervene so they will get the support they need early on. It can be a really hard thing to try and understand, and many people need the added, extra help to learn how to cope.

The future of Autism Rocks looks very promising as he has many future gigs set up to raise even more donations. The more money that is provided the farther research will god, and the closer they will become to understanding the condition better and helping those find the support and help that they need. The condition has been unrecognized for many years but has become more prevalent in the recent years.

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