Ricardo Tosto – an Influential Legal Banister

The legal profession since time immemorial has been associated with high profile individuals thanks to the professional demeanor the legal counsel carry. They spend extensive periods of time in their studies and read a great deal of information archived bypass legal legends. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho fondly referred to as Ricardo Tosto can testify of the curriculum lawyers are subjected to. He has been to the law school and later did professional exams and passed the bar.

Ricardo Tosto is well conversant with Brazilian law and the legal systems and structures that have been in place and enforced by the parliament act. It majorly takes the form of Portuguese law the country that colonized it and as a result diffused in some of its policies and laws. Nonetheless, most of its provisions have been reviewed to suit the modern day legal demands and ensure justice, and equity is administered to all. It presently has a well-versed constitution and legal system that govern it.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho

Ricardo de Oliveria Carvalho is a seasoned lawyer who hails from Sao Paulo a city he was born at and raised up in. He is widely known for litigation in issues that are civil or social. He has inherent traits that make it easy for him to thrive in the highly competitive industry. Ricardo Tosto is persuasive, convincing, informed, analytical, tactful, eloquent in speech and bold. All these virtues have helped him present lawsuits and emerge victorious therein.

Mr Tosto studied law at the University of Sao Paulo which is in Rio de Janeiro and graduated with honors. He later went through the Brazilian National Bar examination and similarly passed. Almost impromptu, he began working with legal firms and was later licensed to practice law by the LACCA, a quality assurance body. He has a large clientele base thanks to his performance record that speaks volume of his expertise. Ricardo Tosto had particularly focused his career on his interests which are environmental law, civil and commercial law. He is currently practicing with LEITE, Tosto and Barros an esteemed firm in Sao Paulo.

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