Quality, affordable, and trendy workout gear from Fabletics

Fabletics began in 2013, by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg with the help of actress, Kate Hudson, when they saw a hole in the athletic wear industry. There were plenty of high end and expensive options for trendy, comfortable workout gear. However, there were no trendy brands catering to a budget that everyone can afford. With the idea of creating affordable, but trendy, comfortable clothing people would want to wear all day long, Fabletics was born.


Fabletics works on a subscription service system. This has proven very successful for the company. It has grown into a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. Customers pay a low monthly fee and are sent a new outfit each month. Each customer takes a quiz to help customize their likes and dislikes, so they are sure to receive an outfit they will love. Kate personally approves all clothing at the company and all the clothes are fashionable, trendy, and comfortable.


Many traditional brick and mortar companies are suffering from customers coming into their stores to see items in person, and then finding them online cheaper, thus losing the sale. Fablectics is using online and their physical stores together to give their customers the best customer service. Fablectics started opening brick and mortar stores recently. Thirty to fifty percent of customers that enter their stores are already members. Another twenty five percent become members while they are in the store. When a member tries on clothing in the store, it goes into their online shopping cart as well. They can buy the item in the store, or purchase online. For Fabletics, it doesn’t matter if their members buy in the store or online. They are simply using their physical stores to give their customers another level of customer service. The stores also allow them to get to know the communities that they serve. They can learn the trends in that area and further customize the clothing offered to what will be trendy and popular in that specific region.


To start, Fablectics offers you an outfit at a discounted price. You can also choose items a la carte at a discounted price. Each month, you will receive a two or three piece outfit, curated specifically to your tastes, for your low monthly fee. If you don’t want anything that month, simply chose to skip a month and you won’t be charged anything. The quality of outfits you receive is excellent compared to the price paid. They rival the much more expensive athletic brands on quality but offered at a fraction of the price. The pants are thick and don’t have see through issues, offer great compression, and best of all, hold their shape and compression over time. The clothes don’t Afade, are soft, and high quality. When you compare the prices and the quality to the expensive brands, you realize that you are getting an excellent value when purchasing from Fablectics.

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