Perry Mandera, Helping The Environment One Shipment At A Time

Perry Mandera has over 40 years experience in the transportation industry. He is an executive that oversees business development and sales operations for The Custom Companies, Inc. His focus is to ensure that his clients have high-quality, easy and convenient services. Online, they are able to access electronic bill of lading. A bill of lading is a document that provides a receipt of goods, a title to the goods and a contract. A bill of lading document is extremely important and if used incorrectly, can be open to criminal prosecution. The BoL makes sure that the shipping carriers are processing the goods within the seller’s instructions.


The Custom Companies, Inc. is headquartered in Northlake, Illinois. They participate in the SmartWay program, which helps reduce carbon emissions from its freight trucks. Participants in SmartWay, reduce their costs by generating less pollution. Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies, Inc. also provides a service called pick and pull fulfillment. This service helps companies save money by not having to purchase a warehouse ( Their clients can rent a portion of the space they need for a specific amount of time. Packages and products are shipped from the warehouse directly, resulting in fast and efficient delivery to their customers. Perry Mandera and The Custom Companies, Inc., provides air and land transportation to businesses throughout North America.


Perry Mandera is also very active when it comes to philanthropy. He fully supports many charitable organizations, including the Jesse White Tumblers ( This particular charity provides after-school activities for inner-city kids. The program helps these children from ages 6 to 16 a “safe zone” and tries to keep them away from drugs, alcohol, and gangs. As a former U.S. Marine, he also works with the Illinois State Crime Commission which assists military veterans in finding internships and employment.

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