Keith Mann: Managing Director of the Largest Investment Executives Database

Keith Mann is one of the founders of Dynamic Search Partners. Currently, he serves as the Managing Director of the company.

When Mann first started out, he held the position of Manager of Alternative Investments Division. With time, Mann rose up through the ranks and went on to become the Vice President of Dynamic Search Partners.

Mann grew up in Rochdale, Great Manchester. He was raised by his father, a caretaker.

About Dynamic Search Partners

The company specializes in Hedge funds as well as alternative investments. They provide alternative staffing needs and executive search services for various major equity firms. The company is also known to provide top notch talent for a good number of hedge fund industries. Among all staffers operating in the hedge fund industry, Dynamic Search Partners is, without a doubt, one of the best and largest.

The company prides itself of more than 10 years of industry experience. Since its establishment in 2001, the firm has helped create a network of industry professionals that covers all areas and levels of expertise.

Under the able leadership of Keith Mann, the company has grown to become one of the biggest databases of top quality talent. The firm is able to source out the best investment executives because it understands the sensitivities and details related to executive search. They have managed to fill over 2,000 client mandates. Dynamic Search Partners is currently not just a mere staffer. The firm also helps its clients and candidates to evolve.


Mann is a writer too. His first book “From Dusk ‘til Dawn” was published in 2007. The book features a foreword by Benjamin Zephaniah, a British poet. It also features Britches.

Mann is also an animal rights campaigner, who has devoted his time to caring for the welfare of animals. He has always been at the forefront when it comes to condemning any form of cruelty to animals. It is not easy to find a successful business person who cares about the welfare of animals, so Mann is a special kind of person.

He was also the spokesman for Animal Liberation Front (ALF).

Desiree Perez Makes Tidal a Contender in Music Streaming World

Sometimes a business can lose ground simply because there are other businesses that have already saturated the market. It is evident that music streaming as a lot of players in the industry, and Tidal, for a certain time frame, was just another contender among many. There are so many ways to listen to music through Spotify, YouTube, Apple Radio, Pandora and Google Play. Dez Perez has been able to tunnel through the maze of how one makes a music streaming service work, and she has become an expert at doing this.

Desiree seems to have quickly figured out that exclusives are the way into the hearts – and the pockets – of the youth. Beyonce released an exclusive visual album. Rihanna released a deluxe version of her album. Kanye issued a re-release of his album. The one thing that all of these albums had in common was that all of these were exclusive to Tidal upon the initial release. This has become the thing that has made people sign up for Tidal even when people were not sure if this was the music streaming service that they wanted. Read more: Who is Des Perez?

The thing that may make Tidal stand out even more is the way that Dez Perez has worked hard with Jay-Z to get people that were not initially interested in web streaming. Prince, before he died, was not a fan of Spotify. He pulled all of his content from Spotify and other streaming services, but he allowed Tidal to stream his music. This was epic when one considers all that Prince did to fight against music file sharing and streaming. Desiree would be instrumental in helping Jay-Z realize that exclusive content from Prince was vital.

It would also be pertinent to have someone like Dez Perez around to help with deals for artists that were not streaming their music anywhere. This is another way to get some exclusive content in place. More people will find that they are seeing new videos and new songs that will only be available on Tidal. There will be no torrents or any type of file sharing for this content. This is the hook, and many people are taking the bait. It was has been good for Perez to stay in Jay-Z’s corner because she has helped Tidal move into the new world of music streaming. Tidal is now luring customers from Spotify, Apple and Pandora.

Wikipedia Writing Services Stay On Top Of Things

A solid Wikipedia page does a lot for the person perusing it. The content on the page reveals a lot about the subject. The reader may even develop a new interest in a subject and start to study it. Merely reading a few entries on existentialism could lead someone done the path to being a scholar of philosophy.

And then there are those who read about a business and choose to become customers. Others may have negative impressions about a person until learning the “whole story” on a Wikipedia page.

Hiring a Wikipedia expert from a trusted writing service is one way to make sure the finished work lives up to expectations, gets the right message across, and is written to professional standards. Get Your Wiki is clearly the top writing resource for this type of work. Get Your Wiki also handles translation duties, which means the translators can prepare the page for the various different language formats. Get Your Wiki does not strictly finish a job and depart. If so requested, the service will assign Wikipedia editors to check up on pages to make sure they have not been altered in any way.

Yes, Wiki revisions can – and do – occur since Wikipedia is very free in its signup policies. Irish football star Robbie Brady learned this the proverbial hard way when fans added some bizarre commentary to his Wikipedia page. The fans’ jokes were inappropriate and unwelcome. As such, they had to be scrubbed and the page returned to its normal, more serious biographical content.

Anyone who decides to make a Wikipedia page and use it for branding or public relations positively wants the page to stay on message. Unwanted contributions that harm the page absolutely do not help the page. Once this type of content is discovered, the content should be re-edited, revised, or outright removed. Working with a solid Wikipedia service should ensure all these necessary tasks are performed.

ClassDojo: Innovative Technology Cconnecting Teachers, Parents, And Students

The ClassDojo mission is to reinvent classrooms by bringing teachers, students, and parents closer together. The program aims to help teach parents, teachers and students about the growth mindset. Growth mindset is the idea that intelligence and abilities can be developed and strengthened over time, rather than just constantly stay the same. While this is not a new idea or concept, the technology and innovation behind the program is fairly new. The developers of ClassDojo have teamed up with Stanford University’s PERTS (Project for Education Research That Scales) to create animated videos to help explain the growth mindset idea and what it means. The creation of these videos signifies their first attempt at getting students involved in learning about the growth mindset.

ClassDojo is a communication platform that teachers use to engage parents in their child/children’s school activity and performance, as well as to encourage students to succeed and help them develop the growth mindset. The program allows teachers to say what they need to help make their classrooms extraordinary places, and to have their voices heard. 15 million students are active participants in the program. Teachers share around 8,000 moments through pictures and videos with parents every minute. 2 out of 3 schools in the United States of America use the program, in addition to being used in over 180 different countries around the world.

There are currently only 25 startup employees in the ClassDojo program, and so far the program has not begun collecting revenue. Despite not collecting revenue, the program has raised $21 million for funding of the program. Developers are considering the idea of possibly creating premium features that parents would be willing to pay for, such as the convenience of paying for things like field trips or school lunches, without the need for sending a check or cash in a child’s book bag that may get lost or stolen. With regular use of the program, developers are also hoping to eventually eliminate the need for face-to-face parent teacher conferences.

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Doe Deere Talks About Her Business Lime Crime

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, is a business woman and artist who was recently named as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs in the World. Deere recently gave some insight into her life.

Deere notes that as a child, she was artistic and imaginative. She always had paints and pencils around her. Deere was a huge fan of color, and would put as much color on herself as possible. Deere loved experimenting with clothes, accessories and makeup.

Deere remembers her first time experimenting with makeup, and talks about it on her ILoveLimeCrime blog. Deere was at a slumber party with friends. Deere said her and her friends were trying to conjure spirits. While they all had on nice outfits, Deere notes that something was missing. Deere wanted to look dark and mysterious, so she pulled out a makeup bag and began putting on dark eye shadow.

Deere began posting different makeup looks online after discovering new makeup brands. Deere was on the journey of discovery and experimentation. Eventually Deere became popular and developed a following and her website traffic began to increase.

Deere founded Lime Crime as a name for her online store. Deere liked the sound of Lime Crime, as her favorite color is green. Today, the name is symbolic for starting a color revolution. Deere says Lime Crime is about breaking traditional rules and not being afraid to be unique.

Deere believes having an internet based business is advantage because of social media. Social media helps connect the business to its customers. However, Deere says that it is important for her to watch the type of information that gets out because there could be unintended consequences.

Deere notes that she calls her fans unicorns because they are people who are born differently, but embrace their uniqueness. Deere notes that Lime Crime appeals to those who are brave and have a unique style.

Deere cites her inspirations as women such as Dita Von Teese, Stella Rose, Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman. Deere hopes to be a role model and inspire other women to start their own businesses and live their dreams.  Check them out for yourself at Urban Outfitters, or look at some photos of the lipstick in action at @limecrimemakeup on Instagram.

Wen By Chaz a New Staple for Beauty Blogger

I take pride in having beautiful hair. i remember as a child I was often picked on because I had hair that was less than perfect. It was really curly and while I embraced my curls many kids picked on me and often asked me what my ethnicity was simply because there was no way a little black girl could have curly hair without her being mixed with something. I knew it was possible so I was really good at brushing the haters off and completely ignoring their comments about my hair. I knew it was gorgeous despite what anyone said.
When it comes to hair I admire anyone who’s willing to take a risk to let readers know what products do and do not work. Emily Mcclure is happy to take those risks for Bustle readers and in the midst of a huge Wen hair by Chaz controversy I was happy to see that she was willing to let people know the products still worked and worked well.

For 7 days she used Amazon top selling Wen hair cleansing conditioner exclusively and was proud of he results it produced. While she admitted she wouldn’t stop using her typical hair products she did admit that Wen By Chaz Dean would become a staple in her closet.

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Why Is Avi Weisfogel Raising Money With GoFundMe?

Avi Weisfogel is using GoFundMe to raise money for Operation Smile because it is the best and most effective way of raising money, and he believes that everyone who is using these pages can get more donors around the world. There are a lot of people who want to give to Operation Smile because they believe in its mission, and the GoFundMe page from Avi Weisfogel is the best place to come for such a thing.

Everyone who wants to give to this charity should make sure that they have made changes to the way that they give, and they will find it very easy to give because of the GoFundMe page. Avi Weisfogel is sending all that money to Operation Smile, and he is giving his time to go on trips with the charity to help people with dental needs. There are a lot of dental needs that should be addressed, and the only way to address them is to be sure that everyone in need is looking at ways to change their lives. They can come up to the mobile units from Operation Smile, and they can learn from Operation Smile what can be done to change their dental health. Dental health is very important for anyone, and the mobile units for Operation Smile go into these communities with people like Avi Weisfogel on board.

The GoFundMe page has a letter from Avi Weisfogel, and anyone can read about his mission. Learning about Operation Smile is the first step in giving.

Everyone who wants to give can find the link that is offered by Avi Weisfogel, and he wants to share as much as he can to get people to give even more than they already have. He knows that he can get a lot of help for the people of the world if he is sharing his GoFundMe link, and he also wants to make sure that he can make more trips on his own. He will do more surgeries for the people who need them, and he will help disadvantaged people get dental care that is so much in need today.

How Compliance Officers can Help Firms Uphold Ethical Business Practices

Not many individuals understand the role played by compliance officers. Well, they can be vindicated since these professionals have been practicing for relatively a short while. Their clout has however been burgeoning ever since they announced themselves to the world of business. Corporate Compliance and Ethics head honcho, Roy Snell asserts that these professionals are of utmost importance to businesses since they implement programs meant to avert, pinpoint and mend any ethical irregularities.

Compliance officers use common evaluation tools such as audit reports, risk assessments and staff sensitization to create an airtight system, which prevents future ethical lapses. The area of compliance has been growing steadily. It has experienced a remarkable growth considering that just two decades ago, there were virtually no compliance officers in the United States. The demand for these experts continues to snowball particularly with the continued growth of the financial services industry.

Debunking the Role of Compliance Officers

The work of these professionals is to ascertain that all laid down rules and regulations are followed to the letter. This is contrary to common perception that compliance officers only formulate punitive rules meant to hurt business entities. The experts ensure that employees do not make mistakes that might hurt the reputation of their firms. With more higher learning institutions incorporating courses that lean towards compliance, the profession is bound to attain greater heights.

Corporate Compliance and Ethics points out that it currently has more than 1,000 members strewn across 75 countries. The fact that most corporations are spreading to oversees frontiers means that they have to hire compliance officers who can help them follow regulations in different countries. The emergence of compliance officers to fix institutional challenges can help multinationals to gain a footing in the international market.

Helane Morrison’s Résumé

Helane is a distinguished attorney and compliance officer with more than 3 decades of experience. At the moment, Helane works at Hall Capital Partners as Managing Director, principal counsel and chief compliance officer. Ms. Morrison is a renowned civil rights attorney, which explains why she has seamlessly fit into the world of compliance.

Helane studied law at the University of California Berkeley School Of Law. She worked at as a civil servant before delving into legal practice at top American law firms. Before her appointment at Hall Capital, Helane was in charge of the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. During her time at SEC, she is credited for prosecuting many firms, which had breached securities regulations.

The Importance of Organization in Financial Planning

When it comes to financial planning, one needs to be very organized. Otherwise, his plans of financial independence will fail. Fortunately, Wealth Solutions is very organized when it comes to financial planning. In fact, Wealth Solutions breaks up the process into what is known as three pillars. The first pillar deals with financial road maps of clients. The second pillar deals with long-term strategies in investments. This part is customized to each client so that they can be sure of success. The third pillar deals with the insurance needs of the client. The client also prepares for the storms.

These pillars are the idea of Richard Blair. For one thing, he comes from a world of education with various family members working in the field. He understands the confidence that comes from education as well as the application of what is learned. One thing that Richard Blair uses to help with education and success is organization. When one is organized with his plans, he will be more likely to reach his goals. A disorganized person will stumble all over himself. Richard Blair, given his natural talent for financial management, uses his talent in order to help people achieve their financial goals.

With the three pillars that Blair has established, clients will be able to experience the financial freedom they desire. They get to learn about the strategies that work best for them. Wealth Solutions has a high success record with its innovative approach to serving clients. There is also the reallocation and management of assets in order to give the maximum performance and profits to the client. These three pillars work very well for any form of financial planning.

Richard Blair is willing to work with all types of clients in all types of situations. There are many goals that Richard Blair is experienced in helping people with. Among the goals that are helped with is retirement planning. It is important for people to be able to retire comfortably and be able to support themselves. Richard Blair makes sure that their clients are able to use their financial situation to their advantage.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Becomes Successful in the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Profession That’s Dominated by Men

The cosmetic plastic surgery field is dominated by male doctors in the United States. Dr. Jennifer Walden, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon in Austin, TX acknowledged there aren’t many women doctors who enters the medical specialty. During an interview with Texas Monthly, in 2012, she said there are approximately 8,100 board certified plastic surgeons in the nation, according to MD Monthly, on May 25th, 2016. Of the total certified plastic surgeons, only 851 are women and 180 are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In Texas, she is among the estimated 12 female board certified surgeons.
Dr. Walden received inspiration to enter the medical field from her parents. Her mother was a surgical nurse and father was a dentist in her hometown. They taught her the importance of work ethics and providing services to people. With support of her family, she successfully completed undergraduate studies in Biology from the University of Texas. Immediately after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she began graduate studies and earned her PhD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Walden completed medical residency training and moved to New Yok to pursue a career in aesthetic surgery.
Dr. Walden is proving to thousands of women in America that they have the power to reach for the stars and become a successful professional and single mother. After working in New York for some years, she moved back to Austin and started her on practice and surgery center, Walden Cosmetics. Dr. Walden believes the best place to raise her twin sons, Rex and Houston is her hometown. Her decision to return home is one the best professional moves for her career. She is one of the top aesthetic surgeons in the State of Texas and has become a leader to inspire other young women to consider cosmetic surgery as a career that’s ultimately dominated by men.


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