New Developments In Shoes By Nike

InStyle covered a recent development with Nike. The athletic wear company has created a self-lacing training shoe. The company took much of its inspiration from the shoe that started the conversation of self-lacing shoes, Back to the Future. However, Tinker Hatfield, the Vice President for Design and Special Projects, also got some inspiration from the movie WALL-E. The blue LED light at the bottom of the shoe is where that inspiration comes out most vividly. The light at the bottom and the sensor in the heel of the shoe, that allows the automatic tightening, run on battery. This means that the shoes will need to be charged about every 2 weeks.

The main goal of the self-lacing shoe was not to be futuristic or copy the idea from the movies. It is a major feat because it is a fairly big step towards real-time fit customization. The shoe knows what the individual wants as soon as they put the shoe on. They want the laces to be tighten. So it does just that.

JustFab is one company that is also trying to understand what people want. The unique website is personalizing the shopping experience for consumers. They provide a shopping program that individuals can sign up for. When individuals go to their website they take a quiz. The quiz evaluates their personality and their style likes and dislikes. The user can then see a curated collection of clothes that fits her wants and needs exactly. Individuals can then sign up for a monthly subscription. Every single month, the staff at JustFab designs a brand new collection for each member. The member has 5 days to pick items and purchase them. If they do not want to purchase an item that month, $40 is charged to their card and they may then use that towards any item in future collections.

One major benefit to using the website’s service is that they are able to provide very significant discounts to customers. The savings can sometimes even reach 60 percent. The reason that they are able to do this is because JustFab has a team of professionals who are working to design collections of new clothing on a monthly basis. JustFab has a partner manufacturer and they do not go through wholesalers or retailers. Instead JustFab connects a designers collection directly to the consumer. This saves a considerable amount of money. There are also additional special benefits to consumers who join the VIP program, including extra discounts and offers. Follow them on Pinterest for daily outfit inspiration.

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