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Life hacks are strategies or techniques used as a shortcut of performing a particular task efficiently without following the common way of performing such a task. Most people like to use life hacks because they save time and produce stunning results. Wengie is a leading life hack facilitator as well as a beauty blogger. She has over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. On this article, we have reviewed some of her best DIY life hacks.



Phone charger



You can use the car charger and the car key to charge your phone by touching one terminal of the battery with a car charger and the other with a key. Ensure the key also touches the metallic part of the charger. Carrying and 9V battery in your vehicle is highly recommended.



Water Filter



Sometimes you may run out of drinking water, and you are far away from home. If you happen to find dirty water, you can use a piece of cloth and two containers of filtering water. Here below is how to go about it.



  1. Put the dirty water in one container
  2. Place it on a higher ground than the empty container
  3. Take a piece of cloth and twist it
  4. Dip one edge of the container with dirty water and the other in the empty container
  5. The process takes the time to start, but it’s faster as it progresses. It works like siphoning. NB the process doesn’t kill the germs in the water.


How to make fire



You may go camping and have to match box or any other form of lighting up a fire. If you have water and paper, you can easily make fire. Her below is how to do it



  1. Put water in a clear water bottle
  2. Ensure the water is clean and the weather is sunny
  3. Use the water bottle or water in the polyethylene bag as a magnifying glass
  4. Ensure there is a paper below the water bottle.


  1. : the process is slow you should be patient





Wengie has a vast of life hacks in her videos to view more you can visit her YouTube channel for more videos.


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