Kyle Bass: Fake or Snake?

There’s this poem about a snake. In the poem, a woman sees a frozen snake, has compassion, takes it in and gets bit. Then when she asks the snake why it bit her, the snake responds simply that it’s a snake, and the old woman should have known better. Argentina is kind of like that snake, and Kyle Bass is kind of like that snake’s bite. Who the old woman in the analogy is represented by remains to be seen, though it seems to be America. Following are some facts to give such a position credence.

Firstly, socialist despot president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has managed the country’s economy so badly that since 2003 it has defaulted twice. Kyle Bass, who made waves in ’08 when he predicted America’s economic collapse, always lends his support to Kirchner. Why would a cogent economic analyst do this unless he had an ulterior motive? There’s nothing economically positive about a double-default; even most socialists see that. So it seems apparent that Bass has a hidden relationship to Kirchner.

His economic venom has sunk into the US economy, too. UsefulStooges shows that Bass uses sick people to make money. He exploits their need, makes false promises, and then counts the money and likely grins, though no substantiated reports can be found to vet this grinning one way or another. The group he uses to effect such exploitation is CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It tells people that its goals are to make expensive medication less expensive for the infirm. But the way CAD accomplishes these goals is to either sign petitions or sue existing pharmaceutical companies so that Bass can short sell their stock after a price-drop. How can a successful pharmaceutical organization funnel funds that aren’t there into research and development? Bass has lowered the cost of certain pharmaceutical drugs as much as ten levels of magnitude. If a company’s sole drug loses 90% of its profit, it’s got to cut all R&D departments and focus on survival until it can operate from a margin of expansion once more.

Bass manages a hedge fund out of Texas, but that hedge fund seems to be in constant decline. Yet somehow he’s always on the mainstream media telling people how to think. It seems nothing but apparent that Bass has been sent up from Argentina with an ulterior agenda specifying his actions. But can this be corroborated directly?

Until the truth is known, be sure and consider everything Bass says as possibly informed by an agenda that remains hidden.

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