Jeffry Schneider: making an impact in alternative investment

Jeffry Schneider is one the leading specialists on alternative investment from Manhattan. He is mostly known as the founder of Ascendant Capital LLC, one the largest Austin-based and boutique alternative investment firm. Besides alternative investment, he has extensive and hands-on expertise in a diversified forte of marketing, sale and operational services as well. He has worked some of the leading financial organizations in the market and gathered in-depth knowledge of fund management. Based on his exposure, he then ventured with Ascendant Capital LLC to bring in innovative solutions through alternative investments.



Jeffry Schneider attended University of Massachusetts, Amherst and then he started his professional career in the investment sector. He has worked some giants in the investment sectors that includes but do not limits to Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smith Barney. Afterward, he started his entrepreneurship career in the investment industry. In March 2002, he founded Axiom Capital Management, and in May 2004, he founded Paradigm Global Advisors. Next, to this, Jeffry founded his third company Alternative Investments in 2006. While these firms focused on generic investment solutions, he took a revolutionary step towards alternative investment through founding Ascendant Capital, LLC. in March 2012.



Ascendant Capital, LLC. is truly a unique investment firm that finds out different funds which are not available to the usual investors. It includes different types of alternative funds such as top real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. Once the funds are identified, the firm then develops innovative, and value-added solutions for different investors through their tailored services including but limiting to marketing, sales and implementing strategies. The company has already developed a huge network of Registered Investment Advisors, International Markets, Family Offices, Private Banks, and U.S. Brokerage Firms through which it operates in different markets.



However, what makes Ascendant Capital LLC different from other investment firm is the leadership, Jeffry Schneider. From the very beginning, Jeffry had a clear idea about how to operate a firm that would best serve the interest of its clients and also capture market and growth in the market. Under his strong leadership, the company has expanded its operation in different sectors, and within five years, it has raised almost 1 billion dollars. Currently, the firm has more than 30 employees, and they work with more than 250 investment advisors, 50 broker, and numerous family offices. Such an impeccable and amazing success is a direct result of a strong culture at Ascendant Capital LLC. Unlike other investment firm, Ascendant Capital LLC strongly favors an open communication between the investors and team members. This is why; the firm has made such a huge impact on the market.



In personal life, Jeffry loves to stay fit and engaged with numerous outdoor activities. Also, he is also involved with a number of voluntary organizations such as the Gazelle Foundation, God Loves We Deliver, Cherokee Home for Children, and Wonders and Worries.


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