Human Rights Champion Thor Halvorssen Raises Human Rights Awareness

Thor Halvorssen has been championed as a pioneer of human rights for those who have been trapped in closed socieities for a number of years, but also looks to change the way the public see the activists in the world. Over the course of his career Halvorssen has become known for the strong stance he has taken with dictators from around the world who he feels are often ignored by the major human rights activism groups who now rarely look outside the borders of major democratic countries.  Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

According to Imdb, there are many reasons why Thor Halvorssen has become so popular as an activist, not least for the role he has taken in developing the Human Rights Foundation, which leaves the problems facing those in the U.S. and areas of western Europe to other groups who focus their attention on the issues facing prisoners in the U.S.

Halvorssen would rather focus on issues facing Russian citizens living under the restrictive rule of President Vladimir Putin who restricts the human rights of his detractors, such as HRF President Gary Kasparov and the activist group Pussy Riot.

One of the major developments completed by Thor Halvorssen in the human rights activism community is the ability to bring the problems facing the people of the world has been the move to bringing his views to media outlets that would never normally receive such information; Thor Halvorssen believes every person should be given the chance to learn more about human rights abuses regardless of their political beliefs.

Over the course of his career Thor Halvorssen has used his skills as a writer and orator to provide information for traditionally conservative groups he feels should be given the chance to learn about human rights issues.

During an interview with the Fox Business Channel Thor Halvorssen made his views on the situation in Venezuela clear to viewers and spoke about the issues the candidates in the 2016 U.S. Presidential election had with close ties to governments limiting the human rights of their citizens.

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