How Whistleblowers are protected by the SEC and the Law.

The laws of the United States’ financial industry were transformed in 2010 to create a program that protects the Securities and Exchange Commission’s whistleblowers. This change was brought by the enforcement of the Wall Street Reforms of Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Security Act by the Congress. The passing of the legislations was the first noteworthy modification that had taken place after the Great Depression. The Doff-Frank Act led to the formation of the whistleblower program, which offers job protection and a monetary incentive to any individual who voluntarily informs the SEC on organizations that do not operate by the federal securities laws.

The enforcement of the whistleblower protection program has triggered the establishment of some law firms that are committed to offering outstanding legal representation to the informant. The Labaton Sucharow law firm is among these companies, and it is the best place where one can get a SEC whistleblower lawyer. It was a pioneer in the whistleblower representation sector and has managed to establish itself successfully to offer the top-notch legal services to its customers. The organization ensures that it provides competent services through its unique litigation structure, well experienced internal investigators who operate by a whistleblower representation practice, scientific analysts who have expertise in the implementation of the law, and financial analysts. Every SEC whistleblower attorney that serves the Labaton Sucharaw company is highly dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the firm. Its activities are managed Mr. Jordan A. Thomas who played a significant role in the creating the whistleblower laws and also implementing them. Thomas formerly headed the SEC as an Assitant Director and the Enforcement Division’s Deputy Principal Litigation Counsel

According to the Doff-Frank Acts’ SEC whistleblower program, the informant should be rewarded about 10-30 percent of the money that is acquired as penalties from the law breakers. The law also sets the threshold at one million dollars, but the informant can still get a bigger reward if enforcements by other organizations lead to the collection of more sanctions. The whistleblower is also protected against revenge from employees.

The SEC recommends the use of an attorney’s representation for any individual who would like to offer useful information without disclosing his or her identity. Consulting the SEC is free, and the information from the whistleblower is protected by the attorney-client honor. Foreigners who cannot communicate in English are given a free translator.

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