FreedomPop offers free 4/G service

Everybody out there would like to find a way that they are able to save on their internet bill each month. They would like to know how to get the fastest speeds available but at the cheapest and most affordable in rates. There are plenty of companies out there that offer high quality speed of internet. There is one company around these days that offers free 3G/4G service and that company is called FreedomPop.


The business model put together by FreedomPop is certainly an innovative one. All the company asks that perspective clients do is to sign up for the service and then place a refundable deposit fee on one of FreedomePop’s wireless hotspots. The company says that their company goal is to be able to give everyone free internet access. FreedomPop will offer 500MB of free high speed internet each month. At 4G speeds, this deal is certainly one cannot pass up.


FreedomPop also has premium packages. Price comparison amongst the major internet providers have shown that FreedomPop is in line or slightly cheaper than its competitors. Signing up for the service is what is so easy with FreedomPop. All a person has to do is go online and fill out a simple form. They ask for your zip code and then the database will check to see if FreedomPop is available in their area.


The custom plans are very affordable and that is another attractive feature with FreedomPop. The hotspots that are needed for the service are very affordable as well. Again, the deposit that goes with accessing the mobile hotspot is refundable. That means if you decide to end using FreedomPop, you can get your money back.


For the best in free 4G internet access these days, FreedomPop is a company that is certainly worth taking a look at. A person can easily take a look at any FreedomPop review and see all of the positive feedback that is bestowed on this awesome internet provider.

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