Food For Thought For Dog Owners

When it comes to feeding your dog, you want to be sure you are giving them the best food possible. That is why the gourmet dog food trend is growing at such an exponential rate.

The Daily Herald recently featured a piece that talks about PetFresh. PetFresh is the only national producer of refrigerated gourmet dog food. They have been making headlines due to their commitment to delivering top-notch products.

One thing that makes PetFresh unique is the lack of preservatives in their food. They process their products utilizing industry leading equipment and ship them directly to stores in refrigerated trucks.

Another element that makes PetFresh so unique is their commitment to quality ingredients. When reading the ingredient list, pet owners will be surprised at what they find. Some of the popular items they will find are salmon, lamb and fresh vegetables. These ingredients are meant to be as enticing to pet owners as they are their pets.

Purina Beneful is another leading brand of dog food. What makes Beneful so amazing is the wide variety of choices. Each product is made to suit the needs of your pet. For example, they have recipes that are made specifically for senior dogs and a weight loss variety.

Another reason Beneful is so popular is its fresh ingredients. They use ingredients like chicken, lamb, wild rice and vegetables in their food.

Deciding on what to feed your dog no longer has to be difficult. There are several brands like PetFresh and Beneful that are excellent choices.

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