Female Wikipedia Editor Praised for Pro-Feminism Campaign on the Popular Site

Emily Temple-Wood has received numerous praises for her role in creating a more gender balanced Wikipedia. Temple-Wood has been writing Wikipedia articles since she was 12 years old. Since then, she has continuously faced a lot of abuse, sexually inappropriate messages, sexist comments and trolling from some of the Wikipedia community. However, she has bravely weathered the storm ad still continues to write for the site. She recently started an innovative campaign to deal with trolling and the abuses she receives. For every hurtful trolling she encounters, she writes a new Wikipedia article about a female scientist.

Temple-Wood is currently studying Biology at Loyola University based in Chicago, Illinois. Today her idea has blossomed into the WikiProject Women Scientists campaign. It has its own page on the site and has since continued to tirelessly raise the profiles of top female scientists in the world. Her project has received a lot of praise and support by the Wikipedia site. It has been described as epic.

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About Wikipedia and its Benefits

Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales. It is currently ran and maintained by Wikimedia Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other related sites. It has employed 280 permanent staff with a database of over 127,601 active editors. Today, it has grown to become the seventh most visited site on the Internet.

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