Eric Pulier – a Model Philanthropic Entrepreneur

The most notable and successful individuals in society are multidimensional. These people go beyond their own financial and career concerns to touch others’ lives. People who choose to use their talents to help others less fortunate are a model for all of us to study and learn from. They point toward a future where we all benefit by helping others. Eric Pulier, digital entrepreneur and philanthropist, is an example of someone who has gone beyond self-centered success. Harvard educated, Pulier has never hidden in an ivory tower. Since his graduation in 1988, this entrepreneur has focused on helping those less fortunate.

Through his groundbreaking work with media, technology and software, Pulier has long worked to benefit those who can’t do for themselves – to help the poorest and most needy to lead better, more productive and healthy lives.

As one of his early projects, for example, Pulier worked with the Multiple Sclerosis Society which provides research funds for people suffering from MS. Through this organization, Pulier developed computer technology to help those with insufficient motor skills to independently interact with software to learn and communicate. As a result, since the mid 1990s, more than twenty-five hospitals in the United States use Pulier’s technology to help MS patients learn and be less isolated from others.

Pulier’s more recent ventures reflect his continued impetus to use technology to help others. The Ace Foundation, a charitable trust founded by Pulier, strives to implement software solutions to help public and private ventures which help people around the world.

Like so many who have devoted their lives helping others, Pulier continues to reach out and communicate in an effort to contribute to others less fortunate. Pulier has hosted radio shows and even published a book to continue his exploration of how technology can help those who are sick, needy, and who simply haven’t had a chance to benefit from all that America has readily provided him. We are fortunate to benefit from someone so intelligent and devoted to others.

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