Dr. Walden Moves Back to Texas

When many people see Dr. Jennifer Walden, they are surprised to discover that this Texan Beauty is a doctor. She is a plastic surgeon that has become well-known in Austin, TX as one of the best female surgeons in the United States. She has carefully crafted a career that has gained her a lot of accolades from clients and other medical professionals.


Dr. Jennifer Walden now calls Austin home again, but at one time she was talk of Manhattan. New York was home, and she was enjoying a career as a doctor in this area. It was not until she decided to become a mother that she carefully debated a life in Manhattan against a life where family resided in Austin. It was for the sake of her twin boys that she decided that Austin would be a much better fit for her to raise a family. As a single mother this is where she would find the most comfort in getting assistance from her family with her children.


This was a challenge for Dr. Walden because this would mean that she would losing her Manhattan client base and spend money starting a business in Austin all over again from the ground up.


Tons of people can say that they may have never considered plastic surgery before, but it is definitely something that is on the minds of many people now that social media is so ever present. What Dr. Jennifer Walden has been able to do in Manhattan and Austin is give people the confidence to feel their best. Her plastic surgery jobs have helped lots of people gain the confidence that they lacked prior to contacting Dr. Walden.


It is easy to become familiar with Dr. Walden even if you do not live in Texas. She has been seen on television shows on VH1 and other shows where plastic surgery technology is concerned. Walden has become an innovator in using some of the latest plastic surgery technology, and this has given her a level of authority that provides her with lots of media outlets to discuss this new technology.

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