Doe Deere Urges Young Women to Pursue Passions

Doe Deere was always an imaginative and creative young woman, who works her dream job as the founder of Lime Crime, an e-commerce makeup company. This Russian born beauty dreamed of being a musician, which is what she accomplished when she went to New York. Being a musician, it helped Deere learned the ground work for how to be an entrepreneur. She learned how marketing, career, drive, and events helped to shape the future of her personal brand.

She spent a long time in New York, 14 years, and she does like to visit, because it is where she worked as a musician. New York had other perks too, because she met her husband, a musician, there. They learned how to work well together, when they were musicians. A skill that will take any marriage far.

Doe Deere enjoys the fact she is in a position to inspire young women. Her advice to them is to explore where their passion is. If a young woman follows there passion, then they will pursue it with dedication. Doe Deere followed her passion for brightly colored make up and inspiring women to create Lime Crime. In 2008, she craved for deeply hued and vibrant makeup, both of which were hard to come by.

Doe Deere is more than a pretty face with a dream. She has the experience in music and education, attended Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, to bring this make up company to life. She has always believe make up is more about expression than covering up flaws, which is a unique perspective in the industry.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008. The original model for the company started as an Ebay store, but it has expanded to its own site. She still keeps the company deeply rooted in e-commerce, using Instagram as a marketing tool with real customer creations. Her loyal fans, which she has a following, are called Unicorns.

The make up line is a unique and fanciful combination of brightly colored, deeply colored, and sparkly hues. She wants her customers to be able to express their Unicorn personality, a one-of-a-kind, magical creature, through her colorful brand.

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