Doe Deere and Lime Crime: Helping Over 2 Million Unicorns Sparkle


Okay, maybe Doe Deere and Lime Crime aren’t helping over two million¬†actual¬†unicorns sparkle. The term “unicorn” is what Doe Deere uses to describe fans and users of her eye-popping line of cosmetics, Lime Crime.

Lime Crime started in the late nineties and early oughts, when Doe had an eye toward designing fashionable dresses. While that venture didn’t end up working as well as she had hoped, the name “Lime Crime” began there. It comes from Doe’s favorite lime-green shade of lipstick; a color so vibrant and eye-catching it “should be illegal!”. At least that’s Doe’s reasoning; and with it you can see the tongue-in-cheek attitude she brings to her marketing endeavors. The name rhymes and is cleverly contrived, making it ultimately attractive to a wide variety of users. And, like a unicorn prancing on a rainbow made of dreams, Lime Crime cosmetics are designed to be resonant and remarkable; as were the initial dresses which first bore the brandname. But then there was silence from Doe Deere for several years. Well, not silence exactly. Sky Salt, the band her and her husband bandied about Los Angeles, took precedence from 2002 to 2008. But during that time Doe got to know LA, and to see who her potential unicorns would be.

Doe Deere is originally from Russia, but grew up in New York. Now living in LA, her experiences in high fashion transcend countries and span the globe. Bringing this experience to bear, Lime Crime quickly began to expand under Deere’s development. Currently owner and CEO of the company, Deere’s prerogative is to help women express themselves with her neon line of commanding cosmetics. So far, she’s been very successfully. Lime Crime’s Instagram account has recently expanded beyond two million followers, showing just how popular the brand has become. It seems that unicorns are breeding unicorns, and many of them have Doe Deere to thank!

The future for Lime Crime at this time is bright. Modernity allows for expression in a way that wasn’t possible even a decade ago, making the brand stylistically profound. Also, Lime Crime cosmetics come from a cruelty-free development policy. While many makeups use animals to ensure products aren’t toxic to users, Lime Crime avoids this explicitly. What more could you expect from the leader of burgeoning unicorns the world over? Unicorns do not support animal cruelty! And neither does Lime Crime.

With more than two million devoted fans across the world, and more adding themselves to that number every day, the uniqueness of Lime Crime cosmetics has propelled it to exceptional levels of recognition. Doe Deere continues to develop innovative ways of upgrading the cosmetic system, and it’s no wonder her creative expression has caught on.

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