Desiree Perez Makes Tidal a Contender in Music Streaming World

Sometimes a business can lose ground simply because there are other businesses that have already saturated the market. It is evident that music streaming as a lot of players in the industry, and Tidal, for a certain time frame, was just another contender among many. There are so many ways to listen to music through Spotify, YouTube, Apple Radio, Pandora and Google Play. Dez Perez has been able to tunnel through the maze of how one makes a music streaming service work, and she has become an expert at doing this.

Desiree seems to have quickly figured out that exclusives are the way into the hearts – and the pockets – of the youth. Beyonce released an exclusive visual album. Rihanna released a deluxe version of her album. Kanye issued a re-release of his album. The one thing that all of these albums had in common was that all of these were exclusive to Tidal upon the initial release. This has become the thing that has made people sign up for Tidal even when people were not sure if this was the music streaming service that they wanted. Read more: Who is Des Perez?

The thing that may make Tidal stand out even more is the way that Dez Perez has worked hard with Jay-Z to get people that were not initially interested in web streaming. Prince, before he died, was not a fan of Spotify. He pulled all of his content from Spotify and other streaming services, but he allowed Tidal to stream his music. This was epic when one considers all that Prince did to fight against music file sharing and streaming. Desiree would be instrumental in helping Jay-Z realize that exclusive content from Prince was vital.

It would also be pertinent to have someone like Dez Perez around to help with deals for artists that were not streaming their music anywhere. This is another way to get some exclusive content in place. More people will find that they are seeing new videos and new songs that will only be available on Tidal. There will be no torrents or any type of file sharing for this content. This is the hook, and many people are taking the bait. It was has been good for Perez to stay in Jay-Z’s corner because she has helped Tidal move into the new world of music streaming. Tidal is now luring customers from Spotify, Apple and Pandora.