Bridget Scarr, Actualizing Ideologies through Creative Technological Innovations

Between 2008 and 2015, Bridget Scarr, with the help of her five employees and a bare $10,000, established Pollen Creative Media. Since then, the firm has grown tremendously and now has over 200 employees with nationwide recognition. They have produced legit content for their vast client base including prestige brands and broadcasters. The expansion is still limitless; Pollen Creative Media sprouted into a group of companies which co-ordinate to make it happen in the communications sector. It majors in advertising, digital media, broadcast, and branded content.


According to a recent interview, Bridget affirms that her career life has been all about content in all forms. She perceives creativity as all it takes to be outstanding in the ever-growing era. Through consistency and determination, Bridget now stands out to be a competitive creative producer in the industry and also doubles up as a writer. With her passion for content, she lets it flow through all platforms she lays hands on.


Bridget Scarr is privileged to have worked in the production industry for over 15 years. Being a part-time executive producer, she has had exposure to animation, advertising, and television; giving her an opportunity to create new technical productions and creative development. With this, the innovations cut across different sections including spanning drama, lifestyle, children’s animation, and factual entertainment programming.


Currently, Bridget is also in command at Colibri Studios where she is in charge of strategy and content development. At Colibri Studios, where she is also a partner, Bridget takes care of operations that are related to creative talent and project partners. After a nomadic career phase, Bridged needed somewhere to put her brains to maximum use. She decided to make a turn-around career-wise and settled for Colibri Studios. This marked her transition journey and a breakthrough for her quest to bring her ideas into realization.


It is, therefore, a mystery of how Bridget Scarr can bring her own ideas into a tangible substance. When asked about this aspect, she confidently uses one of her current projects to make her explanation clear. In this particular project, she had to conceptualize the possibilities of turning the ideologies into reality. She later adds that it is never a walk in the park for a full transformation to occur but eventually, months or even years later, she would be able to complete what was merely an idea.


Bridget is confident that with the ever-evolving technological trends, many people in her industry would be able to achieve more. With the right utilization of resources, there is a higher possibility of high-quality end products. Influential projects call for powerful technology, and with these in place, a door is opened for limitless possibilities.


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