Julia Jackson Takes on the Wine Country

Julia Jackson who is the daughter of Jess Jackson and Barbara Banke admittedly has always had a strong interest in wines, but she has also expressed a strong interest in the business aspect of how running a winery works also. Jackson was born in San Francisco in 1988 and remembers helping her father sort and organizes crates of grapes even when it was 100+ degrees outside all to help the family business continue to work even through the hottest summer months. That nasty, sweaty, hard work is an impression that has stuck with Jackson and she has not forgotten that lesson that taught her since.

Julia Jackson now works at the Jackson Family Wines company and is working to help introduce a whole new generation of young people to the family’s prestigious wines. The Jackson Family Wines is run on many principals including one of sustainability as they strive to practice the best farming practices that have minimal impact on the environment and the world around them while harvesting quality crops with which to make their wines. The family has a 5-step plan in place to use the best farming practices available in the modern century and hopes to have all steps of that plan implemented by 2021. They use these crops to hand craft some of the world’s finest wines, and they use some of their profit to donate to some great causes to help make their communities a better place. View Julia’s profile page on linkedin.com.

The charitable giving the company does benefit many different charities including the Red Cross, United Way, and the Boys & Girls Clubs as well as they have provided over $6 million to individual charities throughout Sonoma County where their vineyards and businesses are located. The Jackson Family Wine company gives a lot more to the community than great wine, but they help anyone who is out there that just seems to need a helping hand! These donations and this movement the company partakes in not only provide themselves with a sustainable family business, but it also has bettered the lives of countless people in their local California communities, and has helped make California a better place to live thanks to their generosity and philanthropic work!

Doe Deere Urges Young Women to Pursue Passions

Doe Deere was always an imaginative and creative young woman, who works her dream job as the founder of Lime Crime, an e-commerce makeup company. This Russian born beauty dreamed of being a musician, which is what she accomplished when she went to New York. Being a musician, it helped Deere learned the ground work for how to be an entrepreneur. She learned how marketing, career, drive, and events helped to shape the future of her personal brand.

She spent a long time in New York, 14 years, and she does like to visit, because it is where she worked as a musician. New York had other perks too, because she met her husband, a musician, there. They learned how to work well together, when they were musicians. A skill that will take any marriage far.

Doe Deere enjoys the fact she is in a position to inspire young women. Her advice to them is to explore where their passion is. If a young woman follows there passion, then they will pursue it with dedication. Doe Deere followed her passion for brightly colored make up and inspiring women to create Lime Crime. In 2008, she craved for deeply hued and vibrant makeup, both of which were hard to come by.

Doe Deere is more than a pretty face with a dream. She has the experience in music and education, attended Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, to bring this make up company to life. She has always believe make up is more about expression than covering up flaws, which is a unique perspective in the industry.

Doe Deere created Lime Crime in 2008. The original model for the company started as an Ebay store, but it has expanded to its own site. She still keeps the company deeply rooted in e-commerce, using Instagram as a marketing tool with real customer creations. Her loyal fans, which she has a following, are called Unicorns.

The make up line is a unique and fanciful combination of brightly colored, deeply colored, and sparkly hues. She wants her customers to be able to express their Unicorn personality, a one-of-a-kind, magical creature, through her colorful brand.

How Compliance Officers can Help Firms Uphold Ethical Business Practices

Not many individuals understand the role played by compliance officers. Well, they can be vindicated since these professionals have been practicing for relatively a short while. Their clout has however been burgeoning ever since they announced themselves to the world of business. Corporate Compliance and Ethics head honcho, Roy Snell asserts that these professionals are of utmost importance to businesses since they implement programs meant to avert, pinpoint and mend any ethical irregularities.

Compliance officers use common evaluation tools such as audit reports, risk assessments and staff sensitization to create an airtight system, which prevents future ethical lapses. The area of compliance has been growing steadily. It has experienced a remarkable growth considering that just two decades ago, there were virtually no compliance officers in the United States. The demand for these experts continues to snowball particularly with the continued growth of the financial services industry.

Debunking the Role of Compliance Officers

The work of these professionals is to ascertain that all laid down rules and regulations are followed to the letter. This is contrary to common perception that compliance officers only formulate punitive rules meant to hurt business entities. The experts ensure that employees do not make mistakes that might hurt the reputation of their firms. With more higher learning institutions incorporating courses that lean towards compliance, the profession is bound to attain greater heights.

Corporate Compliance and Ethics points out that it currently has more than 1,000 members strewn across 75 countries. The fact that most corporations are spreading to oversees frontiers means that they have to hire compliance officers who can help them follow regulations in different countries. The emergence of compliance officers to fix institutional challenges can help multinationals to gain a footing in the international market.

Helane Morrison’s Résumé

Helane is a distinguished attorney and compliance officer with more than 3 decades of experience. At the moment, Helane works at Hall Capital Partners as Managing Director, principal counsel and chief compliance officer. Ms. Morrison is a renowned civil rights attorney, which explains why she has seamlessly fit into the world of compliance.

Helane studied law at the University of California Berkeley School Of Law. She worked at as a civil servant before delving into legal practice at top American law firms. Before her appointment at Hall Capital, Helane was in charge of the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. During her time at SEC, she is credited for prosecuting many firms, which had breached securities regulations.