Traveling Vineyard – The Trendsetters In Wine Tasting

The Traveling Vineyard is a multi-level company that began in 2001 with a similar concept as that of Tupperware party however, taking a totally new dimension with direct marketing to guests in a party.

It is a home wine tasting done by trained consultants to educate, inform and at the same time make sales. Since its inception the company has enjoyed considerable growth with over 1000 wine guides in over 40 states specializing in 21 different wine varieties available in either red, white or sweet and fizzy. Other than these they also sell good quality accessories such as chillers, decanters and openers.

Traveling Vineyard business model take a unique approach that allows more fun, flexibility, fulfillment, interaction and above all provides the best form of motivation which is financial reward. It’s pretty simple to work and invest in Traveling vineyard through making an initial startup kit of $174, immediately training, support and tools come in handy. The operation is somewhat seamless because the company deals exclusively with high end wine brands and wines are in high demand from wine enthusiasts. From every sale consultants receive a 15% commission in addition to other incentives such as paid up trips abroad, hosting events, sponsoring new members, and promotions among others.

Working with Traveling Vineyard is a welcome idea since you get more benefits from the company such as personal development, gain marketing skills, financial freedom, and more investment opportunities. There are four ways of making high figures in Traveling Vineyard; home tasting events, team building, online selling and monthly wine club sales. From where I sit, Traveling Vineyard fascinates me with my own ability to control my status, income and the destiny of my career.

Traveling Vineyard’s presence in various social media has helped market the company worldwide, made the work of consultants easier since potential clients are aware of its existence hence positively accepted and provides a broader customer base. Besides, from how its operated, those who love wine find it a warm, trendy and as a special treat to them.

UKV PLC The Best Dealers In Wines And Champagne

UK Vintners (of London) PLC wines is a London-based company incorporated on March 25th, 2015 owned by UKV International Ag. The company solely specializes in purely fine, quality refined wine and champagne.

The company deals in the acquisition of the world’s richest and most lucrative wine. UKV PLC supplies fine wine and champagne. The drinks are acquired from the world’s best vineyards of Spain, France, and Italy. The wines are classified into Bordeaux, Italian, Burgundy, Spanish, and Champagnes.

UKV PLC is available on different social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Feel free to know more about the company on the Facebook page titled UKV PLC, Twitter @UkvPlc, and Instagram as ukv_plc. On these sites, there is detailed information about the wines and champagne that the company deals in including their dominant areas of cultivation.

Different new and most exciting brands are showcased. Apart from that, you will access the best and vital information on tips about drinks not forgetting about health benefits attached to some brands.

The buyers are charged low for prompt and reliable deliveries within the UK, in addition to the absolutely free obligation valuation service offered by the company. Be sure of optimum storage conditions provided by the Industry London City Bond.

Any buyer is free to create a membership account to enjoy numerous benefits and privileges. Easily acquisition of a gift voucher, enrollment into the most outstanding affiliate program and access to illustrious special offers.

Should you have any inquiries please contact UKV PLC through the following contacts: Phone: 0207 471840, Email: [email protected]

Behind The Scenes Of The Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a multi-level marketing firm. They launched their services in 2001 when they hosted their first-in-home wine tasting. Immediately an individual shows interest in Traveling Vineyard they have to submit their interest to the company which later assigns them a regional leader. These leaders answer any dilemmas that one holds. If you’re lucky to live close to one, you can shadow activities as they connect you with other agents in your region. Your leader will guide you throughout your inauguration, and then assist you in getting your Success Kit. Registration at Traveling Vineyard is $174 inclusive of the success kit.

Advantages of working at Traveling Vineyard

Benefiting financially
Almost everyone who joins the company has this in mind. Working as a Wine Guide rewards you financially without any delays. You can choose to make a lot of money and replace your regular job or make enough to pay your car loan. Traveling Vineyards paycheck arrives thrice in a month. Most of the Wine Guides earn an average of $100- $200 per week or in any event, but seemingly the amount on your paycheck depends entirely on how much time you dedicate to events, growing your business, and building your team. As your team grows, you’ll earn money from their success as well.

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Life Fulfillment
Some Wine Guides seek for a new challenge in life while for others, it’s a way of contributing to their regular income. Becoming a member of the Traveling Vineyard is a perfect way to push your limits and achieve without doing away with your regular duties.

Time flexibility and fun
As a Wine Guide, you set your schedules the way it fits you right. You choose how many events you can attend and when. It means that stay-at-home parents can get to spend prime kid time with their family, and permanent employees can adjust their working hours to fit Traveling Vineyards’ schedule. Along the course of this job which only involves going to talk about wine while tasting it, you get to educated on some interesting facts about wine, meet people with a different social dimension, and within a years’ time, you hold big wine parties and some are in exotic places.

You are a part of a team who you hold a common interest. You can also build a friendly relationship outside the business circle.

Finally, the perfect candidates to become a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is anyone above eighteen years of age with passion towards the wine industry and wants to have fun.

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