Securus Technologies Assisting with Catching a Deadly Fugitive

My team of officers was on the hunt for a deadly fugitive in our area that already had put a number of people in the hospital. This suspect would wait in the hallway of an apartment complex, the rush the door of an apartment where he saw only women lived. If she was alone, he would tie her up, beat her, steal everything she owned, and leave her for dead. We knew if we did not stop this fugitive fast, he may kill a young lady before the week was out.


When we are hunting a fugitive like this, all our other cases are put on hold as we try to focus out efforts on one thing. We were finding little help from informants, friends, or family, and all our leads were cold, so we were running out of options to get this fugitive before he struck again. On a hunch, we visited our local prison to see if any inmates had an idea who this could be.


Now my team knows that inmates would never help an officer for fear of being labeled a snitch, but thanks to Securus Technologies, we had access to their phone conversations instead. Securus Technologies placed a call monitoring system in this jail, allowing officers to be able to listen to the inmates and spring to action.


No sooner did we make our presence known inside the jail, one inmate was on the phone talking to friends about our suspect. He warned his friends they should tell our suspect to lay low until the fugitive hunters moved on. We connected the dots and discovered a family connection to the suspect, allowing us to hide and surprise the suspect when he showed up to hide at his cousin’s house. He matched the descriptions of him perfectly, and fingerprints proved we had out suspect finally.


Why Every Correctional Facility Should Go About Having Securus Technologies Installed Into Their Communications Systems

If you’re wanting to utilize a form of communications with an inmate who is currently confined in a correctional facility but are unsure about whether or not you’ll be able to physically visit them, whether it be due to appointment scheduling conflicts or too long of distances existing between your place of residence and the correctional facility where the inmate is confined in, please feel free to speak with a representative of Securus Technologies, as they’re always eager to help any current and/or prospective user of the communications program in any way that they can.


If you would like to see whether the program has been installed into the systems of communications of the correctional facility the particular inmate you are wanting to communicate with in confined in, you may simply refer to the website, as there is a list on there which shows the correctional facilities that have had it integrated into their communications systems. It is a great program that has yet to be installed into the communications systems of every correctional facilities as of this point in time; however, that does not mean that you cannot take some initiative of your own to make a request to the communications department of the correctional facility that you’d like to have it installed in so that you too can benefit from. Utilizing it for the purposes of keeping in touch with an inmate.


Although Securus Technologies is a program that has been primarily benefit its immediate users, it’s important to note that it’s a communicative program that’s been having an impact on communities as well, as law enforcement officials can utilize the video chat sessions that take place between the two primary users as forms of evidence should there be any reason to. It is a great program for all people.


Securus Technologies Beats Top Firms to Win Big in the 11th Annual Stevie Awards

The 11th annual Stevie Awards honored Securus Technologies in February 2017 in the Best Customer Service Training Department category.



About the Stevie Awards



These awards are handed out to firms who compete with their peers for the recognition of offering the best customer service across the globe. The competition for the top prize is tough.



The Stevie Awards competitions receive about 10,000 nominations from more than 60 nations. The awards honor organizations of all sizes and from different industries. In the customer service category, there were 2300 nominations. This was a 10% percent increase over the previous year.



The 11th annual Stevie Awards took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stevie Awards also organize various prominent business award programs such as the International Business Awards and the American Business Awards.



Securus Technologies



Securus Technologies is one of the top providers of civil and criminal justice solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring, and corrections. The firm has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. At the moment, Securus more than 1,200,000 inmates in North America. It is also assisting about 3500 law enforcement, public safety and correction agencies.



Securus Technologies was included in the final list after the scores 77 worldwide professionals were averaged. The company then got the top award after a further 75 members belonging to different judging committees chose from the final list. This was a phenomenal achievement since the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service was among the most competitive of the Stevie Award programs.



A top executive at Securus stated that the company was humbled to be recognized by the prestigious awards. He also said that the win portrayed the dedication and hard work of the firm in a bid to improve the customer service experience across the globe. Securus recorded its highest ever first call resolution scores in 2017.




Securus Technologies responds to GTL press release

Securus Technologies have been able to make a strong name for themselves in the world of corrections and prison monitoring. One company claims that Securus has infringed on their patents and have issued a press release explaining the infringement that has alledgedly been done. Securus on the other hand has responded to the patent violation claims.


Global Tel Link, or GTL, has released a press release stating that Securus Technologies infringed on United State Patent #7,256,816. This patent has to do with prison inmate video visitation technology. GTK has gone to Texas federal courts looking to get monetary compensation for supposed damages. Securus on the other hand has responded to the allegations.


Securus claims that GTK has over exaggerated the supposed violations. Of the 55 parts of the patent, Securus contends that there is only one part that is in question. Securus has vehemently denied that single alledged infraction. GTL says that it was a ‘fundamental security feature‘. Securus says that it is the only independent claim of the patent that GTK has and that the rest of the patent depends on a lot of other companies including Securus Technolgies. The two companies have reached similar agreements in the past.


Securus Technologies officials and representatives state that it is GTK’s refusal to go into a licensing agreement that is making the lawsuit that much more difficult. GTK on the other hand wants to end all previous agreements with Securus Technologies.


Securus Video Visitations Makes Concerts

The thing that I like the most about a company like Securus is that this company just keeps going the extra mile when it comes to innovation. I have been using the video visitation for some months now. I know that there are a lot of people that want to do more like broadcast concerts. I think that this is something that a lot of inmates would enjoy. I think that it is interesting to see how Securus has been able to improve lives for the people inside of the prison. What I think I am the most impressed with is how this company has also helped people on the outside with the Securus software.


This is a company that has started doing some things like putting forth the effort to like people in prison get access to concerts. There is a patent that is underway to make this possible for a variety of activities like weddings and graduations as well. I know that inmates like to do something that is out of the ordinary. The concert stream may be something that is quite amazing to an inmate that may never get out to see this type of concert any other way. I am a true believer that inmates need some type of stimulation that is above the basics that they have on the yard.


Everyone that is locked away is not going to be locked away forever. The reality is that the people that are locked away are going to need something that will motivate them to get out. If they don’t there will be a good chance that they will go right back. That is why I say that the concert concept that is being implemented by Securus is a good idea.


I like all of the interesting things that Securus has been able to do. This has become the company that is truly changing the way that communication is done in the prisons. I think that this technology upgrade is good for everyone that is locked on the inside. When they can see a concert they will gather some type of motivation to get out. I know that I engage in video visitations with my incarcerated friends while I am outside. I let them see the wonderful background of the park I hang out in. I hope that this will inspire them to stay on good behavior.

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