Andrew Rolfe Offers Transformative Leadership At The Ubuntu Education Fund

The history of the Ubuntu Education Fund dates back to 1999 when Malizole “Banks” Gwaxula partnered with Jacob Lief to found the noble institution. Initially, they focused on offering the needy children of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with education. This initiative failed to achieve its objective, as most children could not concentrate on their studies. To this end, Malizole and Jacob decided to undertake a comprehensive research to find the underlying reasons. Their study showed that hunger and HIV were affecting most families. It is for this reason that they decided to expand their offing to include nutrition, healthcare and home stability.

As one of the leaders of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew was heavily involved in planning for the entity’s gala dinner in London. In particular, Rolfe ensured that the guests were entertained and provided with a variety of dishes. Andrew and his team had invited 300 guests. At the invitation-only event, Jacob was invited to the podium to deliver his speech. He fondly spoke on the need for people to help the disadvantaged families, especially needy children.

In attendance was Sinesipho Rabidyani. When she was invited to the stage, Sinesipho thanked the leadership of the Ubuntu Fund. She shared her story of how her father’s drinking behavior adversely affected her childhood. However, she got good grades. When she narrated her story to the management of the Fund, they were inspired to award her a scholarship to pursue her studies at the university. Rabidyani is looking forward to pursue her career as a lawyer after graduating from the university.

The money raised at the event would be used for augmenting the Fund’s school campus and enhancing the capacity of their pediatric clinic. This way, they would be able to enroll more disadvantaged children in the society.

About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew has been diligently undertaking his roles as the chairperson of the Ubuntu Fund. He has also enhanced cohesion at the institution by working will all teams to ensure the success of the Fund.

By virtue of having a sound educational background, Andrew Rolfe has been able to work for leading institutions. Some of the companies that have benefited from his services include Pret A. Manger, PepsiCo Restaurants International and the Gap.