Heard It Through The Grapevine: Possible Reactions To Negative News On The Internet

In this world there are always rumors about something or another. They spread like wildfire and can quickly become confusing and hard to pin down. This reality is even more true in the world we live in now with the Internet. As a result, it is not unusual to have different reactions to whatever rumor is spread about your own particular company.

I Can’t Believe They Said That About Me!!

You might as well just brace yourself for bad rumors to spread at some point or another if you are a company that does business online. There are always folks who want to mess with that for their own purposes. Part of online reputation management is to be keenly aware of the fact that there are people out there who want nothing more than to mess things up for you.

Who Can I Hire To Fix This?

This is the type of question that one ought to ask when they see something posted about their company on the Internet. This is the type of question that a well-seasoned business person would ask themselves. Luckily, there is a company called Bury Bad Articles that works specifically on these types of issues.

They bury negative press and bury bad news with ease. In fact, they will even bury negative search results given enough time because they are so good at what they do. It is in their name and it is in the character of the business to work on burying such information.

What Can I Do To Get Even?

While this is the type of question that tends to spring up in the minds of those who have just been wronged, it is not a good idea to seriously entertain this thought. The reason being because it is not advisable to get stuck in a battle of insults with someone on the Internet. This kind of thing practically never turns out well, and most likely one will just end up in a deeper hole than what they were to begin with.

It is smart to note the issue that has been raised and try to correct the problem if there is a legitimate issue to being with. However, trying to argue with someone online or trying to “correct the record” has a very low chance of success. Most likely, the person will just be emboldened to keep doing what they are doing. Instead, consider hiring the company that can bury bad news and get the better news towards the front of the line.

Reputation Management Firm Battles the Fallout of One Bad Day on Behalf of Clients

Melissa Click has hired the Austin, TX reputation management firm to help overcome the fallout of one bad day. As USA Today reports, Click ended up at the heart of a media firestorm after being recorded on video during a protest at the campus of the University of Missouri. The controversial video eventually led to Click being fired from her job as an assistant professor.


Many have looked at the event and wonder why it is fair “one bad day” can ruin a career. Sadly, this does happen.


One bad day does not mean what it used to mean. 20 years ago, one bad day may have been reported in the news once or twice and then forgotten. In the modern landscape of the new media, things are not forgotten so easily. Online reports, audio, and video are indexed in the search engine forever. One bad day that occurred a year ago stays at the top of the search engine results. The person whose name is associated with the events ends up suffering. When the name is typed into the search engines, that bad day returns to haunt him or her. The events do not even really return. They are always there living on forever in the search engine results.


Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, pointed this out many times during public appearances and media interviews. Fisher has long contended work has to be done to address the online content related to a controversy or the controversy never goes away.


Melissa Click’s situation was reported as national news. Things do not have to reach such a level in order to have a negative effect on a person’s life. A few negative message board or social media posts could really harm someone. Working with a firm such as Status Labs could aid in dealing with such issues. New content could be manufactured and published to drive older, negative content down the results listings.


Status Labs has helped clients from around the world. The list of clients does include a few celebrities. The list is sure to grow as more people learn of what Status Labs can do to help.