End Citizens United: Ending The Buying of Government Officials

On March 1st 2015, End Citizens United was formed for the specifically try and make sure that the citizens got a fair government that wasn’t cooked up by rich people in the name of democracy.

Citizens United which had been formed to back the Republican cause was accused of trying to get billionaires to buy the government officials at the time. From the president to the other significant players in the government, they were setting up the board just the way they wanted it.

This is not the way a government should be and that is why End Citizens United was formed. To make the people aware and to have them chip in to solve the problem of bought governments that were formed due to the unlimited funds

The Aim Of Having End Citizens United

It is clear that the American system of elections, campaign and politics is riddled with big money players who have the power to buy out politicians by backing them and getting them in office to serve their own interests over time.

With that kind of power and that almost bottomless pit of money, there is nothing they can’t do to get their pieces of the chess board into position. That is what should be our main concern, making sure that the people who are elected aren’t just pawns/puppets.

The main strategy here is to get to the people to protest and fight back against this kind of system that threatens the integrity of our government.

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The Democrat Cause

The Republicans are the ones getting all the big funding from these billionaires with interest that the government can cater for. So, the End Citizens United is just looking out for the opposing side which has the best interests of Americans at heart, The Democrats

There is not a political agenda with sides; it’s a call for a better and more honest way of doing things in the government.

Ending Citizens United

When the Supreme Court allowed the formation of Citizens United, there were a surprising number of rich people like the Koch Brothers who decided to buy out the politicians by way of funding them. It put a hole in the process of elections and campaigns.

The only way to end Citizens is to have an amendment passed. That will need a lot of signatures, a lot of support and massive public power that has to come from the grassroots. So, the people who can change the situation are the citizens who care.


So far, they have gotten the attention of the people. They have raised several million to help with the agenda. They are confident that if they can get the people to participate more actively, they can make it happen.

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Charles Koch And Michael Bloomberg Save On Free Speech In Colleges

Charles Koch was born in the year 1935. He is a political donor, contributor as well as a business person. In the political arena, he finances the Republican Party. He is the co-owner and also the chief executive officer of the Koch industries. According to Forbes survey 2010, Koch Industries is the second-largest privately owned company by revenue in the United States. Koch was ranked the 9th richest person in the world in 2014 with an estimated net worth of $ 37 billion.

Michael Bloomberg was born in the year 1942. He is a politician, philanthropist, and a business administrator. Mr. Bloomberg is also the former New York City mayor with a net worth of $ 45billion making him the 6th richest person in America and 8th in the world. He is the chief executive officer of Bloomberg L.P, which is a media company used immensely by investment professionals around the world.

In the recent college commencement season, Charles Koch and Michael Bloomberg called on all universities across the world to uphold free speech principles. During this season, speakers are invited to offer words of advice to the graduating class. They advised the grandaunts to stop oppressing freedom of expression and also tolerating controversial ideas.

Koch and Mr. Bloomberg also said that free speech accorded to the students is always crucial to the college education. They advised the administrators and faculty of universities to encourage a marketplace of ideas where individuals would air their controversial opinions without fear of intimidation or harassment. They said that those students and lecturers who dared to challenge this idea would be sanctioned officially.

Ideas such as all people having equal rights, lesbians and gays being able to marry whom they choose and women deserving the right to elect leaders were once minority views and many people found them offensive, yet many Americans now hold them dear. This is because people were allowed to discuss them freely.

Koch and Mr. Bloomberg also said they believed that the new dynamic where there would be oppression to free speech threatened the fabric of a free and democratic society as well as causing a harmful service to the students.

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