Jorge Moll: The Pleasures of Giving

Jorge Moll is a Brazilian neuroscientist who loves to perform experiments. He is a well-known researcher in this country, and back in 2006, he contacted several neuroscientists around the world to help him with his next test. He called the attention of Jordan Grafman, another well-known neuroscientist, and they began their experiment after the volunteers have arrived. Jorge Moll stated that the investigation aims to provide concrete evidence that there is a hidden area inside the brain that is responsible for the phenomenon more commonly known as “helper’s high.” He invited the volunteers to go inside an empty room, explained to them what they are going to do, and left them for a few hours while he and Jordan Grafman observes the brain scanner (


During the experiment, Jorge Moll found out that the brain indeed has a secret area that shows up when an individual thinks about doing charitable activities, or if they are engaged in any charitable activities. He also found out that this small area of the brain is responsible for the release of several chemicals and hormones throughout the body, which causes the pleasures felt. He and Jordan Grafman gathered some samples of the same hormone, and they did a follow-up research about it. After the result of the study went out, Jorge Moll learns that the same hormone is responsible for the pleasures felt when eating and having sex.


The experiment performed in 2006 opened new doors of opportunity for Jorge Moll and Jordan Grafman. They decided to publish the study that they conducted and persuaded the scientific community to support them with their follow up studies. Jorge Moll managed to get the support from influential scientists, and he decided to continue the research about the pleasures given to an individual when they give and share. Today, Jorge Moll is busy contacting volunteers who are willing to be observed for several weeks. Jorge Moll explained that by watching some individuals, he could find out if the same results apply to them. Jordan Grafman, on the other hand, stated that he would be supporting Jorge Moll with all that he wants to do (ResearchGate).