Ricardo Tosto – an Influential Legal Banister

The legal profession since time immemorial has been associated with high profile individuals thanks to the professional demeanor the legal counsel carry. They spend extensive periods of time in their studies and read a great deal of information archived bypass legal legends. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho fondly referred to as Ricardo Tosto can testify of the curriculum lawyers are subjected to. He has been to the law school and later did professional exams and passed the bar.

Ricardo Tosto is well conversant with Brazilian law and the legal systems and structures that have been in place and enforced by the parliament act. It majorly takes the form of Portuguese law the country that colonized it and as a result diffused in some of its policies and laws. Nonetheless, most of its provisions have been reviewed to suit the modern day legal demands and ensure justice, and equity is administered to all. It presently has a well-versed constitution and legal system that govern it.

About Ricardo Tosto de Oliveria Carvalho

Ricardo de Oliveria Carvalho is a seasoned lawyer who hails from Sao Paulo a city he was born at and raised up in. He is widely known for litigation in issues that are civil or social. He has inherent traits that make it easy for him to thrive in the highly competitive industry. Ricardo Tosto is persuasive, convincing, informed, analytical, tactful, eloquent in speech and bold. All these virtues have helped him present lawsuits and emerge victorious therein.

Mr Tosto studied law at the University of Sao Paulo which is in Rio de Janeiro and graduated with honors. He later went through the Brazilian National Bar examination and similarly passed. Almost impromptu, he began working with legal firms and was later licensed to practice law by the LACCA, a quality assurance body. He has a large clientele base thanks to his performance record that speaks volume of his expertise. Ricardo Tosto had particularly focused his career on his interests which are environmental law, civil and commercial law. He is currently practicing with LEITE, Tosto and Barros an esteemed firm in Sao Paulo.

Bruno Jorge Fagali Implements The Corporate Integrity Program

The advertising industry needs to create its code of conduct. Next, it needs to be submitted to the newly-created Ministry of Transparency, Supervision, and Control.

Here, the first firm in the advertising sector that would create the code of conduct fully as per the Anti-Corruption Law is the new / sb. It has even consulted the CGU regarding its corporate rules.

This firm specializes in Communication of Public Interest (CIP). It has a Corporate Integrity Program that is being implemented by Bruno Jorge Fagali. He is well aware that his company is always concerned about transparency along with delimitation of its directives since these are a part of its ethics and culture. Even the founders of the firm do not believe in an appearance of being correct. They wish to be correct, all the time. Bruno Jorge Fagali is well aware that all this is not easy. It would require intense changes in the internal processes which have to be in accordance with the ethics of the company.

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Basically, it refers to strict measures. This is meant to prevent or severely minimize any risks that may come from the law due to any activity. This will help in detecting them as well as resolving them much faster. Bruno Jorge Fagali is well aware how this can mitigate corruption in a big way. This will have a major impact on society, on Justice as well as on the company.

Bruno Fagali specified that such a code of conduct had been released for the employees. They have read it. Besides, they have undergone training too. This code is available on the intranet of the company too. There is a primer that is available on the site of nova / sb.

In fact, Bruno Jorge Fagali has been responsible for implementing the Corporate Integrity Program for over 2 years now.

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Jeremy Goldstein: The LRIS New Online Service

Finding a lawyer is incredibly difficult. Often, people seek legal help during times of stress. That fact combined with a number of advertising attorneys creates the complex legal aid system of today’s society. Thanks to the New York State Bar Association and the Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS), New Yorkers have an easier way to find legal help.


The LRIS just announced the launch of a new online service. Much like their older phone service, it helps individuals find the right legal help in or near their community. The online service is available 24/7 at https://nysbalris.legal.io. The old phone service is also still available.


This new service lessens the workload of State Bar staff members. Recently, the LRIS trained its staff to handle the 10,000-plus phones calls. In these growing times of stress, more and more people are seeking legal professionals. The new online service is more convenient for everyone involved.


This new service also creates a new avenue for the attorneys. Now, attorneys can reach more clients for free. It’s a win-win whether people actually hire the selected attorneys or not. There’s no obligation for any individual to hire their matched attorney.


Jeremy Goldstein of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates has been a practicing attorney for over a decade. His firm is a high-profile boutique law firm that works with advising compensation committees, CEOs, management teams, and corporations. They specialize in compensation and corporate governance issues.


Mr. Goldstein is an avid public speaker and author on corporate governance and executive compensation. He’s spoken at numerous conventions and conferences about these matters. He’s considered one of the highest authorities on these issues in the country. He’s also an avid philanthropist, working with Fountain House.


To learn more, please visit http://officialjeremygoldstein.com/.