Stronger Bond Between James Dondero and Cox School of Business

Mr James Dondero became a highly valued member of the Executive Board of the well regarded Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business in the later months of 2016. The board is made of about a one hundred members. They are not scholars; they work in various industries and provide useful advice regarding many matters of the Cox School of Business. The Board of executives has three meetings every year in the seasons of spring, autumn and winter that are used for discussions and establishing new projects for the future.In an interview, Mr James Dondero shared that his becoming a part of the Executive board of Cox School of Business will strengthen the bond between the academic institution and his company which has been a supporter of the business school for many years.

Mr James Dondero is an entrepreneur and investor who have had more than 30 years of professional experience working with credit and equity markets. He is the co-founder of Highland Capital Management (HCM). Mr James Dondero is occupying the position of President. The company joined the industry several years ago. Highland Capital Management is a giant in its line of work. The company is most proficient at the development of loan solutions as well as CLO (Collateralized Loan Obligation). Highland Capital Management provides its services mostly to investors in the business of retail and other industries. HCM has a reach all around the globe.

Mr James Dondero graduated with honor from the University of Virginia. He is also a former student of the McIntire School of Commerce. From there, he received a degree in the disciplines of Finance and Accounting. Mr James Dondero has had decades of professional experience working at a number of places. He used to be a member of the staff of the IC subsidiary called Protective Life. There, he was Chief Investment Officer and he also worked for the leading American Express as a Portfolio Manager.Today, Mr James Dondero is President of HCM, Chairman of NexBank and NexPoint Residential Trust. He is also a member of Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical, MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital. Also visit : to learn more.

Madison Street Capital Announced as the 15th Finalist Annual M&A Advisor Awards

M&A Advisor is pleased to announce that the Chicago-based investment banking company, Madison Street Capital, has qualified for the final 15th M&A Advisor. The awards, recognized widely as a major achievement in the world of finance, celebrates the achievements and contributions of leading professionals and firms. The awards also recognize financing and restructuring of the top deal-makers in the industry.

The company has been nominated for both the Industrial and International Deals of the year. For the Boutique Investment Firm of the year, the company has an award. The Industrial and International Deal of the Year recognized the company-s role in facilitating Acuna & Associates by Dowco. The senior managing director at Madison Street, Karl D’Cuhna, led the process.

He said that, as a company, they are humbled and pleased to assist their long-term client Dowco with the Acuna & Associates S.A acquisition. Charles Bochway, founder and CEO Madison Street, said that the company was honored to part of the competing members of the Botique Investment Banking Company of the decade. Our deal-makers work without lamentation to ensure that our clients are connected with the emerging and growing business trends to suit their unprecedented success and growth needs.

The Acuna & Associates S.A was a cross-border complex transaction event. Karl D’Cuna said that it was a great honor to help them achieve the acquisition. The award winners with be announced by the Annual M&A Advisor Awards in New York.

Madison Street Capital’s reputation has been succeeding as a well-known international investment banking company that is committed to excellence, integrity, service, and leadership in delivering mergers and acquisition, advisory services valuation services, and the financial option to privately and publicly held companies. These service positions the company at an angle to succeed in the worldwide market. While you try to understand the project, the clients’ goals become the primary concern of the company. They range from successful capital raises to mergers and acquisition transactions and financial advisory to ownership transfers. The company vies the emerging trends in the financial markets as the main component behind the universal growth. Their clients will continue to focus on the relevant assets posed by the markets. The company has earned trust from clients’ all-over-the-world through their unweaving dedication towards client’s needs to the highest professional standards possible.

M&A Advisor
This company was founded in 1998. It offers intelligence and insights on M&A activities. For more than 18 years, the company has an established premier network of mergers and acquisition in the world. They also have a state-of-the-art financial professional and turnaround. Moreover, the company has the privilege of recognizing and presenting the achievements of the industry. Their comprehensive range of services has earned them recognition throughout the world.

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How Madison Street Capital Has Managed To Climb To The Top Of The Investment Banking Industry

The American investment banking sector is one of the most competitive business fields in the market. Numerous investment banking firms in the market cater for the entire market; that is small, medium and large scale clients. Investment banking services that these firms offer involve nearly every financial services that commercial banks don’t offer. The investment banking services don’t involve any deposit taking or account opening operations. This firms majorly facilitate smooth operation of businesses by helping them realize their full potential. Investment banking firms help businesses in the market identify how they can succeed in their operations.

The business firms in the market that benefit from investment banking services can be able to undertake mergers, takeovers and acquisitions successfully. This firms can also be able to restructure their capital. Through capital restructuring, firms and businesses in the market can be able to well organize their resources for maximum productivity. Investment banking firms also offer capital reorganization to its clients. This helps their clients identify and cover loopholes in their operations that cut down their profits. This involves compiling management of assets to cut down on operational costs. Investment banking firms also engage in investment advisory. These firms help their clients assess the investment market and identify suitable and appropriate opportunities for them.

Madison Street Capital is among America’s top leading investment banking firms. This firm has operated in the market for quite some time now. Throughout this time, Madison Street Capital has not only managed to top the investment banking sector but also the business markets. This firm was among the few in the market that had not only a good year in 2015 but also a superb one. Their excellent performance last year has given then high hopes for even a more marvelous performance in 2016. The year 2015, Madison Street Capital made a total of 42 deals in the investment and hedge fund sector. This was an up figure of 10 transactions from the 32 transactions the previous year.

Let’s analyze how Madison Street Capital was able to post such an amazing performance. To begin with, this investment banking firm is known to be one of the best firms in the business market in terms of client handling. This fame has been brought to the firm by its excellent staff. This staff always prioritize their client’s needs. They try as much as possible to go beyond a client’s expectations and provide investment banking solutions that are unbeatable. Using their strong market knowledge and experience, this staff also try to provide their customers with more than just an investment solution. Madison Street Capital is also known for its extensive investment banking services. This firm goes as far as helping its clients with their investments management to help them get good returns.

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