The Open Society Still the Major Concern of George Soros

In his life George Soros has achieved more financial and business success than the majority of people in the world could even imagine, but throughout his career he has always remained loyal to an ideological principle he first came across as a student at the London School of Economics in 1947. By the time of his arrival as a refugee in London the Hungarian born Soros had already survived the Nazi Occupation of his native country of 1944 and 1945 before living under the Soviet system of Joseph Stalin following the end of World War II, The Open Society Foundations reports. After arriving at the London School of Economics and working his way through school as a waiter and porter, Soros began to explore the idea of the open society pushed forward by his teacher and mentor, Karl Popper; the open society theory includes the ideas that all people have the right to a democratically elected government and right to freedom of expression. Read his profile at Forbes.

The open society theory would eventually become the name of the charitable foundation created by George Soros in the 1980s to complete his philanthropic work. Soros himself has spent a large amount of the last three decades working to bring freedom and democracy to the people of the world through the work of a network of foundations and charitable groups he has created over the course of his philanthropic career, according to the Open Society Foundations. Taking a global approach to the problems of the world has seen Soros reach out to major groups, such as the United Nations in a bid to ensure issues like the effects of the war on illegal drugs are addressed at government levels; the illegal drug trade and the war on drugs have been a major issue for Soros as he feels many communities across the globe have been almost destroyed by the impact of choices made at government level to fight what Soros believes is an unwinnable war on the drug trade. Learn more on about George.

As a resident of New York in the 1960s and 70s George Soros was exposed to various different ideologies and ideas about how best to run the world in a political and philanthropic sense. In 2017, the political work of George Soros continues with the U.S. based Democratic party he feels has a requirement to fight the right wing policies and rhetoric of President Donald Trump, Forbes reports. Although now in his 80’s, George continues to travel and provide information to those who are interested in how he feels the changes he supports in public policy will have a positive effect on communities around the world if a more left wing approach were taken towards everyday life.

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Soros Vs. O’Keefe, A Peculiar Tale

When a man calling himself Victor Kesh rang into the call center of George Soros‘ international charity group, the Open Society Foundation, line worker, Dana Geraghty thought little enough of it – at first. The man identifying as Victor Kesh went on to say that he applauded what Ms. Geraghty and the foundation were doing, stating that he deeply wished to aid them in their “fight for European values,” then asserting that he, himself, was a Hungarian American and that such issues were core to him. Ms. Geraghty noted all of this and then the man hung up – or at least seemed to (more on this can be read here: Rawstory. However, the man did not still realize he was on the line and being recorded and began to have a conversation with someone behind him. What followed next was most unusual.

Mr. “Kesh” suddenly spoke to the person beside him, saying “don’t say anything until after I hang up!” Kesh then went on to say that what really needed to happen for their “plan” to be successful was for there to be hundreds more calls, just like this one. Kesh also detailed how he had opened to Ms. Geraghty’s LinkIn profile page (a social media site focused on career and business networking) to better worm his way into what he rather oddly described as “George Soros’ octopus.” What Mr. Kesh failed to realize is that all that this accomplished was self-doxxing, as the man’s LinkIn account was fully revealed to Ms. Geraghty. It turns out that Mr. Kesh was not Mr. Kesh and that, just like with Slevin Kelevra, it was but a ruse. Victor Kesh’s real name is James O’Keefe and prominent young conservative activist with a penchant for undercover journalism.
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But the pertinent question is, “why.” Why was Mr. O’Keefe trying to infiltrate the Soros backed Open Society Foundation? Well, he recently discussed his motivations in a interview after the scandal started receiving media attention. Mr. O’Keefe stated that his goal, as well as the goal of his agents, was only to investigate the multi billionaire’s financing, specifically the financing occurring through the Open Society Foundation. The reason for this is that Mr. O’Keefe firmly believes that Mr. Soros is disseminating communist propaganda in a attempt to undermine American democracy. Despite these allegations, and due to O’Keefe’s own mistakes, no evidence of these claims could be provided.