How Matt Badiali Is Impacting Banyan Hill

Matt Badiali works at Banyan Hill as a resource expert where he has made great contributions. He is an expert in natural resources and Banyan Hill Publishing is proud to have him. His work at the firm entails researching and appraising investment decisions in the various sub-sectors of the natural resources sector such as agriculture, mining, and energy.

The highly ranked expert in investment in a variety of investment options as well. For instances, he boasts of overriding expertise on drill rigs, and consultancy in firms on environmental sector. Biadali, a keynote speaker at geological conferences, has gained a competitive edge in his field of expertise by keeping abreast of new advancements in the industry.

One thing that distinguishes Matt from the rest of investors is the fact that he is a hands-on entrepreneur according to He believes in making his own assessments at these mine sites. This way, he is in a position to determine the actual value of the mine. It also gives him a chance to interact with the miners. He has an easy-going personality which works to his advantage.

Matt makes it a point to meet with CEOs of mining companies, investors and fellow metal experts just to be in touch with the emerging technological discoveries and innovations according to Above all this great works that Matt does, what he truly enjoys doing is discovering the infrequent and most rewarding investment chances for his readers.

According to Matt on, one of the most valuable items in the geological field is crude oil. This has been the blood line on which the modern economy is built. West Immediate claims that the price of this commodity is on the rise. With the OPEC countries determining the amount present I the market, the cost of buying oil has similarly been affected. Since the year 2015, most economies have embraced its usage to drive machinery.

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George Soros is Back and More Energetic Than Ever to Make a Difference

George Soros was once known as the kingpin of democratic funding. The man who during 2004 spent more than $27M on various activities in an effort to defeat then President George W. Bush during his reelection campaign, slipped quietly into the shadows following the defeat of John Kerry and the democrats. Now, however, he is back and he is more committed than ever to advancing the progressive platform and ideals through a comprehensive package of funding for a wide range of candidates and causes all over the country.

According to the Federal Election Commission, Soros has spent more than $25M over the past two years in efforts to support the campaign of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats who participated in races to upset the conservative hold on power that has been in place for more than seven years. The primary goal was to keep a democrat in the white house, of course, but other key races ranging from mayors and alderman, through governors and state legislators, and all the way up to senators and congressman were carefully chosen to help offset the extremism that Soros and others feel is starting to be prevalent in the conservative agenda. Know more on about George Soros.

In a related note, Soros, 85, was slated to attend his first ever Democratic National Convention in order to see his friend of more than 25 years, Hillary Clinton, receive the official nomination for president, a first ever for a woman in a major political party. He sadly was unable to attend due to the financial situation in Europe needing to be closely monitored. George Soros has been a consistent force in the Democratic Party and its movements for years. This is due to his belief that conservatives and the suppression of individual freedoms go hand in hand.

His political beliefs are formed in part from the experiences that he had as a young boy growing up as a Jew in Nazi occupied Budapest. For him in his formative years, every day was a battle for survival, and the oppression that he saw with his young eyes formed in him a sense of duty to protect social justice, and the inalienable rights of all men. With his financial backing, Soros has been able to help people all over the world, not just through the political realm, but by giving time and money to many various groups and organizations which provide for the needy, sick, and impoverished. While it may seem that George Soros hasn’t been around for a while, rest assured that he has stayed very active in trying to make a difference in the world, and with his resurgent interest in the political arena, he will without a doubt make even bigger impacts in the future. Know more on Business Insider about George Soros.

Davos Announces New Mobile App

Davos Real Estate Group is one of the biggest real estate investment groups on the continent of South America. They have set themselves even further apart from the rest with their latest announcement. Their CEO, David Osio, along with executive directors Gerard Gonzalez and Pablo Bausili recently announced their latest tool to help investors get the most out of their real estate investments, the Davos CAP Calculator.

The CAP calculator is a mobile app that can help potential investors get an accurate ROI on any property that they are considering. ROI is a financial term that stands for return on investment. The ROI for any property can be calculated using just about any variable the investor can think of including the length of the mortgage, taxes, and other costs that are proprietary to that specific location.

The application took over 6 months of development for the Davos Real Estate Group. They created and developed the application in conjunction with the technology company, Tecknolution. The application is a streamlined calculator that investors can carry everywhere with as it is on their phone. The application is available on both iPhone and Android operating systems. Those at the meeting seemed very excited about the prospect of the new application and how it could help them in their investing future.

Osio has used his year and years of experience in the financial industry to help develop this application and make it highly usable to investors. He has over 3 decades of experience in finance, investing, and financial law. He has worked with both the companies and investors of the investment world. There is no part of the industry that Osio does not completely understand.

Osio got his start in the financial industry in the early 1980s. He first started school in his native country of Venezuela. After he finished law school, he started working in financial law as a legal representative. He acquired a lot of knowledge in financial law and financial regulations during his time as a lawyer.

After that, he decided to make the move to the investor’s side of the table. This is when he formed Davos Financial Group. Davos Real Estate Group operates under the umbrella of these companies. It has become one of the biggest and most important real estate groups in South America. Its latest release, the Davos CAP Calculator, should set it even further apart from the competition

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China Gross Domestic Product Growth In The Last Quarter Of 2015 Was The Lowest In 41 Years According To Hedge Fund Investor Kyle Bass

China is heading toward a economic fiasco of epic proportions. That’s what some economists are saying about the Chinese GDP situation. It’s true. China is having a hard time converting its massive economy to a consumer-driven one. China has relied on manufacturing for so long that even the thought of abandoning their golden goose that made the country the second largest country in the world is sending economic shock waves and creating recessions around the world. Just ask Brazil what China has done to their economy. But Investors like Kyle Bass, the founder and CEO of Hayman Capital Management in Dallas, is not too concerned about the the economic downturn in China. Bass recently told that China is experiencing a recession and it’s only going to get worse. But that doesn’t mean the United States is going to follow in the Chinese economic footsteps.

Kyle Bass has a history of taking a stand on controversial topics. Bass bet that Wall Street was over leveraged in 2008, and he made millions of dollars from that bet. For the last seven years, Bass has been in the news talking about economics, politics and foreign countries. A lot of the news surrounding Bass hasn’t been very complimentary, however. He was a big supporter of General Motors during the airbag recall, and he didn’t waste any time making enemies when he said the victims were to blame not GM. Bass is under fire once again for his bet against drug companies that are under investigation for patent violations. It seems Bass made some kind of arrangement with the most notorious patent troll in the world, Eric Spangenberg, and he is betting drug company stocks will drop because of Spangenberg’s efforts to void drug patents.

But the latest Bass bet is against the Chinese. Mr. Bass believes the Chinese yuan will have to be devalued in 2016 even though the Chinese have vowed that will not happen. Bass is not alone in that bet. Investors like Soros, Buffet, and other hedge fund giants believe China’s currency will drop by at least 30 percent over the next 18 to 24 months. Betting against the Chinese may not sound like a good idea, but all the signs say it is a good bet. Bass may have another win in the works, but his losses are still fresh in the minds of many investors that, at one time, believed in him.

The Race To Own Bitcoins May Be Short-Lived According To Investment Expert Brad Reifler

The term Bitcoin brings up visions of free-floating electronic money that doesn’t have a central banking system or anything else attached to it. Even though Bitcoin use is risky, the risk hasn’t prevented Bitcoins from becoming one of the most popular phenomena’s of the 21st century. Bitcoins don’t meet the standards or the definition of a currency, but on the Internet they are worth their weight in computer gold. Bitcoins are used to buy products, services and other currencies on the Internet, and the fact that they are often used in illegal activities has stirred the interest of law enforcement personnel. In 2013, the FBI seized 144,000 Bitcoins because they were being used in drug trafficking.

Brad Reifler, the founder and CEO of Forefront Capital. Forefront Capital is an investment management and financial services firm that thinks Bitcoins are irrelevant when it comes to investing and other financial transactions, according to an article published by Reifler has 30 years of experience in the hedge fund industry, and in merger and acquisitions. Brad tells his clients not to invest in Bitcoins because they have no substance. They function in a virtual reality that is not connected to the objective world of investments.

Mr. Reifler started Forefront Capital so small investors had a chance to invest like hedge fund managers invest. Bitcoins and middle-class investors aren’t a good match, according to Reifler. There are so many other investments that can produce decent returns, according to Reifler. Bitcoins represent a modern version of smoke and mirror investing, according to Reifler, and Brad has been down that road before.

Brad invested in a college fund when his kids were young that promised decent returns, but when the time came to cash in there wasn’t enough money in the fund to pay for college. That’s when Reifler decided to start Forefront Capital.

The use of Bitcoins is not going away, according to Reifler, but small investors should be careful and not jump into that market without doing a considerable amount of research. Investing is a risky business, but smart investors try to reduce the risk by doing enough research so their investments are not like throwing dice in Las Vegas. Bitcoins are a gamble and Reifler admits people are winning, but the winning won’t last long. Investing is a long-term business not an “in and then out” gamble.

Not everyone agrees with Reifler, but the smart investors do agree and that could mean the beginning of the end for the mighty Bitcoin explosion.