Fabletics Continues to Impress Customers and Industry

Even when Fabletics was first getting off the ground, they were making big waves. They knew what they wanted to do so they continued to help all their customers with the most convenient shopping experience available on the market. Fabletics knew they would be a disruptor so they did what they could to make their experience as different as what other people had. They didn’t want to be the next anything, but instead, wanted to be the first and the best brand that offered fashionable leisurewear from a site that was as convenient as possible. Fabletics trusted convenience would be a big opportunity for those who were in different situations.


No matter what Fabletics does, they do it with the ability that comes only with helping other people. The company wants to make sure they can offer the best experiences for all their customers so they will have a chance to do more in the future. They also know they will be able to make the best choices if they have a chance to continue to use Kate Hudson to make things better for themselves. For them to do this, they have to make sure they are getting all the right fashion things correct.


As Fabletics works hard to pass Amazon in the best fashion company on the Internet, they know they will need to make great decisions if they are going to get to that point. They also know they will need to continue offering the most convenient shopping experiences for their customers if they want to be different from every other brand that’s available on the market. Fabletics knows what it takes to get to a point where nobody thought they would be so they are going to continue to push to get to even new heights. They want to be the best of the best.


One of the things that has made Fabletics so unique is the fact they require their clients to take the Lifestyle Quiz. The quiz will help them make the right fashion choices for their customers. With the use of the quiz, they can determine what type of style each customer has. They can also determine which clothes will be the best for them since they know what the customers are interested in and what they do on a regular basis. It helps them make the best choice so it is important customers take the quiz.

Kate Hudson’s Successful Strategy for Fabletics

Fabletics is a brand everyone’s heard of by now. It took Kate Hudson less than four years to grow Fabletics into a $250 million company. Realizing how impressive that is can only be understood when considering how dominated the activewear market was before Fabletics joined.

In 2016, Fabletics experienced a 43 percent rise in sales. That prompted Fabletics to grow larger, opening retail stores to satisfy demands. Currently, the brand has 18 retail stores in places like California and Florida. Using a subscription mechanic, Fabletics has earned over one million members. They also have over 20 million Twitter followers.

Usually, celebrities use their fame to build their companies up. While being a Golden Globe-winning actress did help Kate Hudson promote Fabletics, that’s not why her company’s so successful. Hudson created a business model that focused on using affordable, on-trend athleisure apparel to inspire women to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

The mission wasn’t about body-shaming women into being what magazines want them to be. It was encouraging women to take that first step toward a more active life. Hudson’s dream achieved its final mission when Fabletics announced they would be expanding into plus sizes. Now, even big girls can look and feel as great as every other woman; and for half the price.

The first step to building Fabletics up was the same step that every entrepreneur must take: identifying market opportunities. It was very clear that people would love to buy activewear that they could actually afford. Creating an affordable brand was the easiest part.

Starting the company is always easiest. It’s the persistent determination that’s difficult. Hudson dedicates as much of her time as possible to keeping Fabletics going. She goes over sales numbers on a regular basis and works closely with both the marketing and designing departments.

According to one Fabletics member, the quality of Fabletic’s products is much higher than people expect. She bought a pair of leggings, and to this day, the leggings have maintained their compression, shape, and color. The material is also thick, so there’s no trouble with see through issues.

Most surprising is the volume of different styles. She had no trouble buying many items from Fabletics because there’s so much to see. Fabletics truly does have something for everyone. She challenges anyone to not find something.

Quality, affordable, and trendy workout gear from Fabletics

Fabletics began in 2013, by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg with the help of actress, Kate Hudson, when they saw a hole in the athletic wear industry. There were plenty of high end and expensive options for trendy, comfortable workout gear. However, there were no trendy brands catering to a budget that everyone can afford. With the idea of creating affordable, but trendy, comfortable clothing people would want to wear all day long, Fabletics was born.


Fabletics works on a subscription service system. This has proven very successful for the company. It has grown into a multi-million dollar company in just a few short years. Customers pay a low monthly fee and are sent a new outfit each month. Each customer takes a quiz to help customize their likes and dislikes, so they are sure to receive an outfit they will love. Kate personally approves all clothing at the company and all the clothes are fashionable, trendy, and comfortable.


Many traditional brick and mortar companies are suffering from customers coming into their stores to see items in person, and then finding them online cheaper, thus losing the sale. Fablectics is using online and their physical stores together to give their customers the best customer service. Fablectics started opening brick and mortar stores recently. Thirty to fifty percent of customers that enter their stores are already members. Another twenty five percent become members while they are in the store. When a member tries on clothing in the store, it goes into their online shopping cart as well. They can buy the item in the store, or purchase online. For Fabletics, it doesn’t matter if their members buy in the store or online. They are simply using their physical stores to give their customers another level of customer service. The stores also allow them to get to know the communities that they serve. They can learn the trends in that area and further customize the clothing offered to what will be trendy and popular in that specific region.


To start, Fablectics offers you an outfit at a discounted price. You can also choose items a la carte at a discounted price. Each month, you will receive a two or three piece outfit, curated specifically to your tastes, for your low monthly fee. If you don’t want anything that month, simply chose to skip a month and you won’t be charged anything. The quality of outfits you receive is excellent compared to the price paid. They rival the much more expensive athletic brands on quality but offered at a fraction of the price. The pants are thick and don’t have see through issues, offer great compression, and best of all, hold their shape and compression over time. The clothes don’t Afade, are soft, and high quality. When you compare the prices and the quality to the expensive brands, you realize that you are getting an excellent value when purchasing from Fablectics.

Designing The Future: A Marriage of Fashion and Technology

Initially, one does not immediately sense the relationship between the fashion and technology industries, despite their consistent entanglement.

Technology becomes fashionable, and fashion becomes technologically advanced; the relationship is one of mutual growth.


Technology gave us the boom box, and in the 1970’s and 80’s the boom box became a symbol of fashion. Music, now portable in a way it had never been before, could be situated on one’s shoulder, an avant-garde prop of expression.

The 1990’s brought us an even more portable music experience with the advent of the Walkman. The dangling wire and headphones resting on necks became a fashion statement of the decade.

Soon the iPod, and other MP3 devices advanced the image, and today we have incorporated these technologies as accessories.


The synthesis of fashion and technology is occurring this very moment, the results are designs with a higher standard of innovation and functionality. The result is a step into the future.

Technology embraces fashion and advances to become slimmer, sleeker, and more seamlessly assimilated. Fashion evolves to embrace the new technologies, possessing greater utility, functionality, and innovation.


Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht, renowned for her use of technology said in a quote: “Technology is like a playground, a place of experiment, and as you dive deeper and deeper into the technology and systems, it rewards you with endless possibilities.”


The future of the relationship between technology and fashion inevitably lies in beneficial innovations. Whether we feel those benefits in our day to day lives, or in crucial circumstances, the trend remains the same.

Clothes which capture and convert our kinetic energy into electrical energy we can use to power our watches and iPods, to shoes designed to charge our smartphone as we walk or run.

Stylish collars created by designers Haupt and Alstin, which conceal airbags for cyclists, reducing injury and preventing death.

Gloves designed for firefighters that allow them to communicate vital information through simple hand gestures, created by designers Rajan and Cannon.

These are just a few examples of beneficial outcomes of the merger of fashion and technology.


Chris Burch is a prominent investor in the movement, as founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, a creative capital firm with a unique approach. Rather than investing in existing opportunities, Burch invests in the creation of opportunities.


Burch got his first taste of the entrepreneurial spirit while still in college, and has not stopped since. With a diverse investment portfolio in industries such as real estate, technology, and fashion, both foreign and domestic, Chris Burch invests in a future of individuals, and new opportunities.


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Looking for Life Hacks, Visit Wengie’s YouTube Channel




Life hacks are strategies or techniques used as a shortcut of performing a particular task efficiently without following the common way of performing such a task. Most people like to use life hacks because they save time and produce stunning results. Wengie is a leading life hack facilitator as well as a beauty blogger. She has over 5 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. On this article, we have reviewed some of her best DIY life hacks.



Phone charger



You can use the car charger and the car key to charge your phone by touching one terminal of the battery with a car charger and the other with a key. Ensure the key also touches the metallic part of the charger. Carrying and 9V battery in your vehicle is highly recommended.



Water Filter



Sometimes you may run out of drinking water, and you are far away from home. If you happen to find dirty water, you can use a piece of cloth and two containers of filtering water. Here below is how to go about it.



  1. Put the dirty water in one container
  2. Place it on a higher ground than the empty container
  3. Take a piece of cloth and twist it
  4. Dip one edge of the container with dirty water and the other in the empty container
  5. The process takes the time to start, but it’s faster as it progresses. It works like siphoning. NB the process doesn’t kill the germs in the water.


How to make fire



You may go camping and have to match box or any other form of lighting up a fire. If you have water and paper, you can easily make fire. Her below is how to do it



  1. Put water in a clear water bottle
  2. Ensure the water is clean and the weather is sunny
  3. Use the water bottle or water in the polyethylene bag as a magnifying glass
  4. Ensure there is a paper below the water bottle.


  1. : the process is slow you should be patient





Wengie has a vast of life hacks in her videos to view more you can visit her YouTube channel for more videos.