Keep Your Event Simple and Stress-Free With These Tips

There are many tasks that come with hosting an event, but it does not have to be an overwhelming job. Camille Styles is a party planner who willing to share tips for hosting a stress-free event.


Stay Organized: The best way to stay organized is to create several lists for your event. You can create a to-do list for every task that must be completed, and you can keep track of your food, decorations and supplies with a shopping list. You should also create a guest list with information on each guest.


Mail Out Invites: It is better to mail out your invitations rather than send them out online. There is something about receiving an invitation in the mail that adds to the excitement of your event.


Simple Table Settings: You do not need to cover each table in supplies and decorations. Keep your table settings simple with candles, flower arrangements or handwritten place cards.


Provide a Self-Serve Bar: Set up a self-serve bar complete with two or three types of liquor, several festive mixers and the necessary tools. Your guests will enjoy mixing their own drinks.


Serve Appetizers: Appetizers such as cherry tomatoes with basil or warm Marcona almonds with sea salt are great alternatives to full meals. It keeps the menu simple but delicious, and your guests can mingle as they sample the products.


If planning your event has become too stressful, enlist in help by hiring Twenty Three Layers in New York. The team has been planning events ranging from receptions to fundraisers since 2011.


Twenty Three Layers offers a range of services to bring your ideas to life, such as custom printing, floral design, lighting and photography. You can also hire the team to help you select a venue, take care of the catering and hire the entertainment for your event.


You do not have to worry when hosting your own party or event. All you need to do is take a deep breath and tackle one task at a time, and you can always hire a qualified planner to help make your event a success.

Trusting Twenty Three Layers

So, you’ve got a huge event to plan and don’t know where to start? This happens to many people who are planning an event alone and are expected to throw an unforgettable themed bash. Instead of getting stressed out, it might be time to consider getting some professional help. Event planners are great with detail, themes and keeping on top of the desired outcome for the party. Trusting an event professional can help you to keep to the creativity part, instead of stressing about other details like invitations, guest lists, food and entertainment. If you’ve decided that hiring a professional works best for you, there are some steps to take in finding the perfect event planning company.0.

Figure out the objective of your party, first. Who is the party for? Why are you throwing an event? Where will this event take place? Questions like that can lead you to your next, which is the budget. Before you talk to any professionals, you need to have your budget squared away so that you aren’t blind when receiving the bill. Do some extensive research on companies in the area. Look for testimonials, examples and reviews and talk to as many people as you can. Once you’ve figured out which company fits best into your budget and your desired outcome, be sure to meet with them in person to discuss all details of the event. Be clear in what you’re hoping for and keep contact often. A good event planner will keep close tabs with you to ensure you are happy with the party planning process.

One event planning company in New York is highly sought after and trusted, called Twenty Three Layers. This company throws beautiful themed events with every detail you can even imagine. Event planners in NYC are easy to come across, but ones like Twenty Three Layers are hard to come by. They have famous clients such as Jaguar, and they have many clients who fully trust and recommend them. If you’re looking to talk to Twenty Three Layers, you can find them in New York. One thing is for sure- you will be amazed at the work they do!

Twenty-Three Layers: The Awesome Part Planners

Parties are always fun to attend. For the host, the party is usually more work than fun. It gets worse when the party is for children. After reading this, hosting a party even for children will never be the same tedious task.

Get a co-host. It can be your party or that of your child. Look for a friend who also intends to host a party around the same time. If they agree to co-host, you will be in luck. You will have more ideas, more fun and fewer costs.

Always plan ahead. In this technological era, apps like Wunderlist are here for you. To ensure that everything is well set before the party begins. All you have to do is create a comprehensive to-do list and wait for reminders. A party is always better with a relaxed host.

If your party is not too formal, use digital invitations. Try using Hobnob. Make an invitation according to your specifications and send it out. It will be less work and very cost effective. Also, ensure that you keep the children busy. Let them do what they can to help you.

Choose your music before the guests arrive. This should be influenced by the kind of guests you have invited and the kind of party you are hosting. Do not be rushing every five minutes to play the next song.

If you have a pet, ensure that it is sorted before you start setting the table. You may also want to keep your pet away from the guests. Finally, you don’t have to clean up immediately, enjoy the moment with friends.
If this is still too much, there are many event-planning companies in New York City. Twenty Three Layers is an event planning company in NYC. This firm deals with planning events and designing.

If you need event planners in the New York City area, these are the people to go to. They plan all kinds of events and have all the services you may need for an event. With the experience, they have, they will make your event one to be remembered by you and your guests.