Imran Haque’s Interview with Idea Mensch – Find Out More Here

Imran Haque is a medical doctor that lives and runs his own practice, Horizon Internal Medicine, in Asheboro, North Carolina. His time spread across five hospitals, Asheboro’s Horizon Internal Medicine practice, and another installment in the nearby rural town of Ramseur, Dr. Imran Haque has made a significant impact on many patients’ lives in central North Carolina.

Although Dr. Haque is popular amongst his patients and other community members familiar with him, not everybody from the area knows where he came from, how he started Horizon Internal Medicine, his interests, and more – all disclosed in an October 5th, 2017 interview with Idea Mensch.

Dr. Haque recently shared that the idea for Horizon Internal Medicine came from wishing to “Expand the horizons of [his] community by providing medical services not offered locally.” At the time of foundation, he was working for an internal medicine practice owned by a local hospital. Although he enjoyed working there – still seeing the same base of patients, more or less, between the two hospitals – Dr. Haque felt he could help more people by starting another clinic. So far, at least over the past decade-plus, his idea has proven successful to the delight of countless patients.

Imran Haque also shared that he feels excited about “The integration of technology in healthcare,” as it’s lent itself to better treatments with higher success rates than those the non-technological past of medicine offered, not to mention making general operations easier for everyone at practices around the world. Keeping patients’ files safe, secure, and sorted in an orderly fashion has never been easier. Doing so with paper documents is difficult, is less secure than storing such information in electronic form, and takes significantly longer to sort through patient files to find the right ones.

Dr. Imran Haque said during the interview, “I would tell my younger self to be cautious of other peoples’ motives,” in response to the interviewer asking, “What advice would you give your younger self?” Many people, all across the United States, try to take advantage of doctors. Many doctors feel bad if their patients report not feeling better or having significant improvement of symptoms, leading them to be taken advantage of.