Getting A Free Adwords Evaluation From White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a highly rated digital marketing company that serves customers in the United States and Europe. The main office of White Shark Media is found in Miami, Florida. Its European office is located in the town of Aars in Denmark. A second US office is also found in Atlanta, Georgia. White Shark Media has overseen over $36 million dollars in online marketing budgets in 2015. The firm has also published over 35,000 years and responded to over 300,000 emails in the same period of time.

If you are thinking about hiring a digital marketing agency for your business, but are not sure whether you will benefit from the services, you should consider getting a free evaluation. White Shark Media is one firm that offers clients a no obligation completely free adwords evaluation of your current strategy.  Learn more: and

During the free adword evaluation of your current online marketing campaign an adwords specialist who is certified by Google will run a through examination of your campaign. Using the screensharing platform, the adwords specialist will explain where you can improve your performance.

As the specialist explains things that could be improved upon, you can follow along because you will see exactly what the specialist is seeing and highlighting.

You have noting to lose by undergoing a free adword evaluation from White Shark Media. Even if you choose not to hire the company you will still have gained insight from a digital marketing expert from a reputable company.

If you are looking for services besides online marketing management, White Shark Media now offers search engine optimization or SEO services. This can help your business rank higher in search results on search engines like Yahoo.

If you are still not convinced that White Shark Media is a reputable and trustworthy online marketing and SEO company to work with consider the following. The company has actively responded to past client complaints. Below you will find an example of a complaint and how the company responded to it.

One complaint that customer had with White Shark Media is that adwords management was done through a new account for new clients. If a client already had a good marketing campaign in place, than this could actually be counterproductive.

As a result White Shark Media now offers clients the ability to continue working from their current account if they believe their old campaign continues to perform well.

How Darius Fisher Rescued his Digital Reputation

It happened a little over a year ago. Status Labs, a firm that since 2012 had prided itself on its ability to help clients manage their on-line presence, found itself on the receiving end of the internet’s tendency to grind down those whom it doesn’t like. In an inspiring article for Huffington Post, Darius Fisher, the company’s president, explained just how Status Labs managed to recoup, recover, and emerge triumphant from the ordeal. “No one understands a crisis,” Fisher asserts, “quite like someone who has experienced their own.” And the organization certainly had a crisis on its hands. The CEO at the time, a man who had a secondary career as a real-estate developer, had committed an outrageously antisocial act that rightly brought down the anger and resentment of the city of Austin, where Status Labs is located. The backlash against the company was frightening, and its young and creative employees were disheartened. But they were driven to communicate the truth about their situation and to manage their own reputation. The first step was to get rid of the CEO, the second to make this step public through an open letter. The Status Labs employees then made up their minds to become even more pro-active: they began volunteering for a variety of local nonprofits and charities. The new leadership team decided to create a stronger internal bond by initiating a stock-option plan, catering lunches once a week, publishing an in-house newsletter, and insisting upon monthly staff meetings. The result? A vastly improved on-line reputation and a happier, better place to work.

In participating in the repair of Status Labs’ reputation, Darius Fisher has proven his own expertise in digital image management. The way that an organization or an individual appears on the first page of Google search results has become utterly critical to success or failure. As The Daily Beast’s Sally Kohn puts it, Fisher’s goal is “inoculating clients if possible in advance or else repairing damage after the fact.”

Under Fisher’s management, Status Labs has grown to be one of the global players in reputation management, with over 1500 clients in more than 35 countries around the world. But Darius Fisher also seems to be a man who knows how to manage his team through wisdom, generosity, and compassion. In a recent article for, Fisher catalogued three ways to exercise leadership: creating incentivized goals, acknowledging their successes, and communicating with them. Follow Darius on Twitter to keep up with his news and events @fisherdarius.

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Reputation Management Firm Battles the Fallout of One Bad Day on Behalf of Clients

Melissa Click has hired the Austin, TX reputation management firm to help overcome the fallout of one bad day. As USA Today reports, Click ended up at the heart of a media firestorm after being recorded on video during a protest at the campus of the University of Missouri. The controversial video eventually led to Click being fired from her job as an assistant professor.


Many have looked at the event and wonder why it is fair “one bad day” can ruin a career. Sadly, this does happen.


One bad day does not mean what it used to mean. 20 years ago, one bad day may have been reported in the news once or twice and then forgotten. In the modern landscape of the new media, things are not forgotten so easily. Online reports, audio, and video are indexed in the search engine forever. One bad day that occurred a year ago stays at the top of the search engine results. The person whose name is associated with the events ends up suffering. When the name is typed into the search engines, that bad day returns to haunt him or her. The events do not even really return. They are always there living on forever in the search engine results.


Darius Fisher, the president and co-founder of Status Labs, pointed this out many times during public appearances and media interviews. Fisher has long contended work has to be done to address the online content related to a controversy or the controversy never goes away.


Melissa Click’s situation was reported as national news. Things do not have to reach such a level in order to have a negative effect on a person’s life. A few negative message board or social media posts could really harm someone. Working with a firm such as Status Labs could aid in dealing with such issues. New content could be manufactured and published to drive older, negative content down the results listings.


Status Labs has helped clients from around the world. The list of clients does include a few celebrities. The list is sure to grow as more people learn of what Status Labs can do to help.