Cosmetic Guru Extends Her Popular Cosmetic Brand

Lime Crime takes beaut cosmetics to new heights with bright colors and long lasting stay power throughout the day. Their creator, marketing specialist and technology analyst, Doe Deere, has sought out to inspire her wearers with rich colors that are 100% water-proof and stand up to other major competitor products. Deere told Savior magazine she would like to empower guys and girls around the world and leave them completely unapologetic for wearing her brand. Deere admits her daily routine starts out with choosing colors from her own line, but she users other brands as concealer. She also says, the proper amount of rest and nutrition is important to the body. Learn more:

You can find a impressive list of women from around the world that have purchased the Lime crime brand with their own money and have decided to share their wear ideas with other users. YouTube offers a free directory of videos that will offer many creative ways to use the Lime Crime brand. Their videos are completely free to anyone who has access to an internet connection and a compatible video capable device. Tailor your new hairstyle or outfit with a tutorial conveniently located on YouTube. Learn more:

Deere, offers amazing names to go along with her products and her customers have said it gives them confidence. Appreciate colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet exclusively from the Lime Crime brand. Their cosmetics were the first of their kind to utilize a velvetine matte base along with super-foil products that go on moist and dry to a perfected mold for your eye-lids or lips. Their is also a new Scandal line created by Doe Deere which offers a purple-violet hue highly preferred among their 1.4 million Instagram followers. LC cosmetics has a color that is just right for everyone. Their products are also popular among young adults and busy professionals. Learn more:

Dolls Kill is a sister company to the LC brand that offers clothing items, accessories, and shoes. They have everything you need to accent any color you choose while helping you stay fashionable. You can learn more about the line of LC products by visiting their website. The industry’s favorite celebrities are choosing the Lime Crime brand because they offer a Leap Bunny approved brand that is safe for all skin types and hypoallergenic. Choose from hundreds of colors that will leave you feeling good about your daily makeup routine, for a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Learn more: