Introducing Glen Wakeman, An Inspirational Businessman

Glen Wakeman is an interesting person. He is actually a businessman who is inspirational. If you want to learn more about him, then continue to read on.


Who Is Glen Wakeman

Wakeman is a businessman who has lived in six countries and he has worked in 32 different countries. This was during his 20-year career at GE Capital ( He received an education at the University of Chicago and his areas of expertise include capital markets and leadership development. Other areas of expertise include strategy, growth and business transformation.



As previously mentioned, Wakeman has worked at GE Capital. He was there for 20 years, and while working there he acquired extensive experience in business development. He is also the founder of Nova Four, which is an accelerator that provides access to capital and advice for developing companies.


Wakeman also works with entrepreneurs who are in the early stages. He does this via his startup called Launch Pad Toolkit, or LPTK for short. Through his venture, he provides online business planning services.


In The Press

Wakeman has been featured in the press numerous times. He has been featured on the Daily Forex Report, The Bro Talk, Philly Purge and Reporter Expert to name a few. He is well-known in his field, which is why he has received a lot of press.


What’s A Typical Day Like For Wakeman

The typical day for Wakeman starts off by him reviewing numbers from the previous day. This includes numbers from sales, service performance, and cash. He also does a conference call with his partner, and he spends time researching customer trends, competition and he responds to inquiries from customers. His day is usually ended with a coffee or tea.


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