Rick Smith – Helping Securus Technologies Stay Ahead Of Competition In Prison Communication Technology

Rick Smith is one of the most talented and dynamic business leaders in the IT sector and has helped Securus Technologies grow manifolds in the past few years. The company serves over a million customers across the United States, and its products and services reach close to 120,000 inmates throughout North America. The strategic planning and investments made under the leadership of Rick Smith have helped Securus Technologies merge and acquire other leading firms in the prison communication technology and law enforcement products and services, including T-Netix, Syscon Justice Systems, and Evercom.

It has helped Securus Technologies secure a top position in the field of prison communication and criminal justice technology. Over the years, Rick Smith has also facilitated the investment of over $600 million in research and development, securing patents, merger and acquisitions and upgrading and innovating technologies.

Acquiring Syscon Justice Systems proved to be a breakthrough for Securus Technologies as Syscon Justice Systems was a global leader in the arena of offender management systems. The leadership of Rick Smith helped Securus Technologies to grow, volume and turnover in just a few years and is now considered a leader in the field in the United States, having offices in Allen, Atlanta, and Carrollton, and is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Rick Smith is active in the field of Information Technology for many years, even before he joined Securus Technologies, which helped him make strategic moves and take decisions that helped the firm achieve great success in a relatively shorter period. Rick Smith has worked for companies like Frontier Corporation, and at Eschelon Telecom Inc., where he was CEO, he helped grow the business volume from $30 million to over $350 million in just a few years. Rick also helped increase EBITDA to the extent of over $80 million. In 2005, Rick Smith led Eschelon to a successful IPO launch.

Academically too, Rick Smith has a shining portfolio, having completed Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, Masters in Business Administration and Masters in Mathematics. Due to his extensive experience in the IT sector, a successful track record in working with different IT firms in correctional space, Richard Falcone, chairman of Securus Technologies, announced in 2008 that going forward Rick Smith would be the CEO of Securus Technologies. Learn more on PRNewsWire.com.

Rick Smith is on the board of Eschelon Telecom Inc and Integra Telecom Inc. The highly active and strategic leadership of Rick Smith led the Securus Technologies to win Gold Stevie Awards in 2016 for the category of the customer service training team. As one of the major companies in the field of prison communication technology, Rick Smith aims to take major decisions and strategic initiatives to help the firm grow manifolds and stay ahead of the competition.

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Todd Lubar – Successful in Many Ways

Todd Lubar is the President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC, and he also serves as the Sr. VP to Lengedary Investments.


Swidell Friends School in Washington, DC was the first school attended by Todd Lubar in the years 1977 to 1987. He then attended Peddie School in Hightstown NJ. Todd Lubar attended University at Syracuse up to 1995 when he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech Communication.


He got a job after his graduated and was employed by Crestar Mortgage Corporation where he worked for five years from 1995 to 1999. He then joined the Legacy Financial Group and made a significant and historical growth of production. Todd Lubar then moved again to join Charter Funding as a Senior Vice President which was based out of Arizona.


He was the Vice President until August of 2007. The mortgage industry was going through a financial downswing at that time, and he decided to go back and focus on purchasing a money mortgage with Priority Financial services. Todd focused primarily throughout his career on mortgage banking. This was one area he exhibited his strength.


Todd Lubar is the owner of several other companies in the Demolition industry and the night club industry among others. He has a wide range of experience in several industries and has excelled in almost any environment. At the moment, he is focusing on helping people in need. Todd Lubar has left remarkable marks in his life, and he continues to improve to lives of people that surround him. Todd is a very successful businessman, and he will continue to strive for the best in the most important aspects of his life.

Sam Boraie- Redefining Real Estate

Sam Boraie Development
Boraie Development is an innovative and prolific real estate company based in New Jersey. The company’s services include property management, real estate development, and real estate sales and marketing. Boraie Development is known for its four decade development track record that makes it one of the most sought after real estate development companies. Under the capable leadership of Sam Boraie, the company has implemented building concepts and designs that have virtually changed the face of Brunswick City.

Over half a decade, Boraie Development has made enormous strides in the real estate industry as it seeks to offer real estate solutions that cater to everyone in the community. The company strives to create innovative and creative building concepts that attract both residential housing and small businesses. The various multipurpose facilities have resulted in a rise in demand for both office and residential space. With the success of the already completed projects, Sam Boraie has revealed that the company is planning to put up similar facilities across the city to promote economic growth and development.

Elijah’s Promise

Sam Boraie participates in many charitable organizations such as Elijah’s Promise, where he sits on the advisory board. The Elijah’s Promise is a non-profit organization that seeks to eliminate and break the cycle of poverty and hunger in New Jersey. The organization is based on the foundation that an empowered people is an enlightened people. As such, it empowers the local population to seek and maintain sustainable employment opportunities. Additionally, Elijah’s Promise strives to provide essential items, such as food stuff, to the needy in the community. http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB1000142405270230452620457909952025609506CC

Vijay Eswaran’s Take On Listening And Leadership

Vijay Eswaran is a businessman who believes in strong spiritual principles and ethics to guide the workplace and that leaders possess the ability to not only act, but also listen and watch. He embraces Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of not just promoting outer peace in society, but finding inner peace and using silence as part of it. Vijay Eswaran takes joy in philanthropy and was instrumental in starting QI Group’s RYTHM Foundation, a branch of the company that gives back to needy communities and reaches out to children with disabilities, and also includes environmental initiatives. Eswaran has admired Gandhi’s work and has spoken about philanthropy and spirituality in various lectures at business leader summits and university campuses.

Eswaran co-founded QI Group back in 1998 when he and a team of Asian entrepreneurs decided to make waves in Asia’s direct selling market. Prior to that, he grew up in Malaysia and attended the famous London School of Economics where he got his degree in socio-economics. Eswaran had a brief period of financial difficulty where he worked various odd jobs to get by, but he soon raised enough money to go to grad school at Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA. He first went into multilevel marketing, QI Group’s model on the-v.net when he started working for the Cosway Group.

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QI Group has been the parent company to several businesses including QNet, a wholesale e-commerce and direct seller of jewelry, health and beauty products, automotive tools, water purification systems, and other consumer goods. QI Group also owns QI Asset Management, a financial company with real estate investments, loan services, and credit. They also have partnered with Quest International University Perak to launch The V program on YouTube to train individuals in multilevel marketing programs.

Vijay Eswaran has won awards for his work through QI Group and its charity group, RYTHM Foundation. He made Forbes Asia’s list of Heroes of Philanthropy in 2011, and their 50 Richest People list in 2013. Eswaran’s spirituality and business principles are discussed in his 2005 book, In The Sphere of Silence. He’s also the author of In The Thinking Zone and On the Wings of Thought.

Dallas Neighborhood Homes’ Projects set to receive Financing

Nexbank has announced a plan to provide over $50 million in loans to support a housing program for the next five years. The program will be run by the Dallas Neighborhood Homes (DNH), a not-for-profit organization that provides affordable mortgages.
DNH also announced that it will be collaborating with Dallas Area Habitat to provide affordable housing loans to families living in Southern Dallas.
The organization will use the money provided by Nexbank to finance low-income earners who want to buy homes but have less access to mainstream mortgages. The Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity will provide the aspiring homeowners with financial services and offer them other finance-related counseling services.
Nexbank has also offered to pay all the fees for completed closings that are being finalized through the bank’s affiliates.
Dallas Area for Habitat’s vice president said that he was thankful to Nexbank for helping realize the dreams of many people of owning a home.
The North Dallas area has the lowest number of homeowners in US. Housing programs, such as this one by the three organizations, are helping address the problem directly. When families are empowered to realize their dreams of owning homes, the quality of their lives improve. This, in turn, increases the chances of having a better future for the families’ children.
The CEO of Nexbank, John Holt, lauded the organizations involved observing that they have been helping low-income earners to own homes by making affordable homes accessible to members of the community. He further revealed that he was proud to partner with the organizations in spearheading the Dallas housing program.
Nexbank is a financial service provider that specializes in commercial banking, investment banking, and mortgage banking throughout US. The organization was founded in 1922 and has grown to accumulate assets worth over $3.5 billion. It is also a member of the federal deposit insurance corporation.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Raj Fernando Launches New Startup

Raj Fernando in an American businessman born while his parents were living in Denmark. They relocated to the United States prior to Fernando’s first birthday. He studied at the University College of London and received Bachelor’s Degrees in history and economics from Beloit College in Wisconsin. During his college years he worked as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile exchange.

Following graduation Raj Fernando held took on multiple roles at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. This continued until he founded Chopper Trading in 2002. Chopper had approximately 250 employees under Fernando’s direction and was listed publicly on global exchanges. Fernando held the position of CEO and was responsible for numerous advancements and implementations in risk management, trading and much more. The company was sold to DRW Trading Group in 2015.

In 2016 Scoutahead was formed. Fernando is CEO of this startup company designed to assist the HR and communication needs for corporate America. The company offers a web-based site for HR directors to conduct employee performance reviews, offer surveys and communicate with others within their corporation.

Fernando is a noted philanthropist who has donated generously to a number of causes. This includes political campaigns and causes, the Wounded Warriors organization and the Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago. He is a supporter of the Illinois Holocaust Museum, the Steppenwolf Theatre and Cedar-Sinai Medical Center. He serves on the board of trustees for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and on the Board of Directors for the no-kill shelter, PAWS, in Chicago. Fernando is active on social media and writes a blog for Scoutahead.

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Eric Pulier: One of America’s Most Highly Regarded Tech Entrepreneurs

Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist who believes deeply in the power of entrepreneurs to help solve social problems and shape society. Originally from New Jersey, Pulier started a software company while still in high school and attended Harvard University, where he majored in English and worked as an editor and columnist for the Crimson.

Pulier’s first major venture was a startup called People Doing Things, an innovative firm that sought to solve problems from a unique perspective in fields from health care to education. In 1994, he founded Digital Evolution, a major online advertising agency and production studio, which merged with US Interactive LLC in 1998 and continues to be a leading agency in the Los Angeles area. In addition to these initial ventures, Eric Pulier has been the founder of several other companies, among them Desktone, which was recently acquired by VMWare. Desktone was a service that allowed users to access their own hosted virtual desktops in the cloud. Pulier was also a co-founder of SOA Software, which focused on service-oriented infrastructure more generally.

Pulier is also a dedicated philanthropist who is deeply concerned with social issues and policy. He is a supporter of the Clinton Global Initiative and sits on the Board of the X-Prize Foundation, which awards prizes to entrepreneurs who can find solutions to the world’s most pressing social problems. As a popular speaker at technology conferences around the world, he is among the most highly regarded serial entrepreneurs in the technology world today.

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James Dondero Creates The Highland Dallas Foundation Inc

A new partnership meant to improve North Texas Communities has been created. The partnership is between Highland Capital Management and the Dallas Foundation. Highland Capital Management founded by James Dondero is one of the leading alternative investment managers based in Dallas. In charitable giving, Dondero makes use of hands on management approach. He invests most of his donations locally.

Dondero said that their search for their philanthropic budget manager led to Mary Jalonick, The Dallas Foundation CEO and President. The company’s annual philanthropic budget had grown to over $ 3 million. Jalonick and her team comprising of donor service and philanthropic experts were identified as the right people to manage Highland’s yearly budget.

In North Texas, The Dallas Foundation is well connected due to its deep roots in the area. It also has a proven track record as a nonprofit. Working together, Mary and Jim assessed strategies for a giving framework that would be effective. Eventually, the evaluation led to the creation of Highland Dallas Foundation Inc, a supporting organization for the foundation.

Jim has previously supported veteran, healthcare, and education projects in the Dallas community. Joining forces with The Dallas Foundation, he has extended his charitable engagements to several civic organizations. They include The Dallas Zoo, The Perot Museum, and The Bush Presidential Library. His business acumen and his philanthropic strategy align perfectly. In his giving, Jim uses multi-year grants.

His strategy is rare in the current philanthropic environment. However, such grants are important to nonprofit organizations. Jalonick notes that they offer a long term source of funding. Jim and The Dallas Foundation recently teamed up to hire Linda Owen to head the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. She previously served as the chief executive officer of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

James Dondero is the president of Highland Capital Management. The founder of the company currently oversees the firm’s investment strategies and operations. That is Highland’s retail as well as institutional products. Jim is one of the first pioneers of collateralized loan obligation and has run credit market operations for more than 30 years.

The funds that Jim has managed in his career have received awards. That includes Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global Allocation. Before Highland, Jim was the Protective Life’s CEO. He also managed fixed income funds worth $1 billion for American Express. Jim is a chartered financial analyst and certified management accountant.

Reference Link http://www.dallasfoundation.org/ForDonors/DonorStories/JamesDondero/tabid/449/Default.aspx

Talk Fusion wins 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the year award

Talk Fusion is known for creating the world first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution and has been dedicated to providing a business of excellence for many customers throughout the years. Talk Fusion is proud to announce that the Video Chat has won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the year award. The award was received from the Technology Marketing Corporation which is the second award of the year from the complex designed media role. The Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award is known to honor products that are exceptional to the customers and businesses and represent some of the best products on the market that provide solutions to many.

Talk Fusion uses WebRTC technology to allow Video Chat users to communication face-to-face with anyone. Video chat is also a feature that can be used anywhere and on any type of device such as a smartphone or desktop computer. The Video Chat app is available for purchase through the iTunes app store and Google Play stores. The founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, is excited for what the future holds. The IT staff that work at Talk Fusion are a talented team that exhibit years of experience and expertise working in the industry. Talk Fusion is dedicated to staying one step ahead of technology so they are sure to be in the advanced stages of the fast paced technological world. Talk Fusion has also launched its WebRTC Recorder with an entirely new site, TalkFusionInstantPay.com which was completed in less than a year. You can read more about Talk Fusion and what they plan on doing in the future at; http://www.talkfusion.com/en/login

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by Bob Reina and is dedicated to creating a promising future for the business by Giving Back to family, friends and the community. They also participate in animal charities throughout the world. Talk Fusion offers a thirty day trial just to try the products out, not obligations attached. After thirty days, if you don’t like the products, you don’t buy them. Talk Fusion is confident that they can provide the services that you’re looking for, and continue to bring forth advancements in the future.

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Diversant Wants To Give Back

Diversant may be a great example of a successful minority-owned IT staffing business, but its owners aren’t exactly content with that distinction. In the view of Diversant’s founder, Gene Waddy, and its Principal Executive, John Goullet, Diversant’s success just means that more work must be done for other minority-owned businesses. It’s with this in mind that Goullet and Waddy have set up a mentoring program, where Diversant leverages its expertise in the industry to help other minority-owned staffing firms that are struggling to remain competitive in the marketplace. While this program isn’t necessarily meant to increase Diversant’s own exposure, it has certainly proven to be a positive influence on Diversant’s brand.

As a part of this push for mentoring and cooperation, John Goullet has routinely reached out to communities and communicated with them on their issues and concerns. While Goullet has had numerous successes in the past with IT staffing firms, he’s also no stranger to having to build a start-up from the ground up. It’s with this in mind that he has been able to guide other IT staffing firms and provide them with the tools and resources they need to be successful.

In terms of Diversant’s own successes, and those of its Principal Executive John Goullet, Diversant has managed to become one of the top five most successful African-American owned IT staffing firms in the entire country. By having a net worth of more than $100 million, Diversant has been able to separate itself from its competition and establish itself as the premiere leader in its field. In fact, Diversant has been expanding across the country, with offices already opened in San Francisco and new ones planned for Minnesota. It’s this capacity for change and understanding that has made Diversant such a fantastic company for IT staffing solutions and will likely continue to make it successful in the future under John Goullet’s leadership.

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