Take A Stand With Your Cosmetic Choices

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A recent Galore article has named Doe Deere Founder and CEO of Lime Crime female entrepreneur of the year for her success in distributing quality makeup and customer service. Customers say their shopping process is easy and they offer a secure network for financial transactions. Best of all, you can have your products shipped in under a week. They offer exclusive deals to their members and a wonderful first time shoppers bonus. The look that you want is only a few clicks away. Get the defined look that is trusted by thousands of celebrities.

As she told on Tumblr, Lime Crime was invented from a childhood thought of Doe Deere. Disappointed with the tone of neutral colors her goal was to create a rich bold collection and that’s exactly what she did. She transcends other makeup lines with a velvetine matte line of cosmetics that goes on smooth and dries to perfection. You’re cosmetics will transition from a day to night look and won’t cake up. Women love the fact that Lime Crime is waterproof and can withstand the moisture of a hot summer day or a dip in the pool. Celebrities trust Lime Crime to hold during the prolonged heat of the camera lighting.  See more of what they have to offer on Love-Makeup.co.uk.

Doe Deere Talks About Her Business Lime Crime

Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, is a business woman and artist who was recently named as one of the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs in the World. Deere recently gave some insight into her life.

Deere notes that as a child, she was artistic and imaginative. She always had paints and pencils around her. Deere was a huge fan of color, and would put as much color on herself as possible. Deere loved experimenting with clothes, accessories and makeup.

Deere remembers her first time experimenting with makeup, and talks about it on her ILoveLimeCrime blog. Deere was at a slumber party with friends. Deere said her and her friends were trying to conjure spirits. While they all had on nice outfits, Deere notes that something was missing. Deere wanted to look dark and mysterious, so she pulled out a makeup bag and began putting on dark eye shadow.

Deere began posting different makeup looks online after discovering new makeup brands. Deere was on the journey of discovery and experimentation. Eventually Deere became popular and developed a following and her website traffic began to increase.

Deere founded Lime Crime as a name for her online store. Deere liked the sound of Lime Crime, as her favorite color is green. Today, the name is symbolic for starting a color revolution. Deere says Lime Crime is about breaking traditional rules and not being afraid to be unique.

Deere believes having an internet based business is advantage because of social media. Social media helps connect the business to its customers. However, Deere says that it is important for her to watch the type of information that gets out because there could be unintended consequences.

Deere notes that she calls her fans unicorns because they are people who are born differently, but embrace their uniqueness. Deere notes that Lime Crime appeals to those who are brave and have a unique style.

Deere cites her inspirations as women such as Dita Von Teese, Stella Rose, Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman. Deere hopes to be a role model and inspire other women to start their own businesses and live their dreams.  Check them out for yourself at Urban Outfitters, or look at some photos of the lipstick in action at @limecrimemakeup on Instagram.