Behind The Scenes Of The Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a multi-level marketing firm. They launched their services in 2001 when they hosted their first-in-home wine tasting. Immediately an individual shows interest in Traveling Vineyard they have to submit their interest to the company which later assigns them a regional leader. These leaders answer any dilemmas that one holds. If you’re lucky to live close to one, you can shadow activities as they connect you with other agents in your region. Your leader will guide you throughout your inauguration, and then assist you in getting your Success Kit. Registration at Traveling Vineyard is $174 inclusive of the success kit.

Advantages of working at Traveling Vineyard

Benefiting financially
Almost everyone who joins the company has this in mind. Working as a Wine Guide rewards you financially without any delays. You can choose to make a lot of money and replace your regular job or make enough to pay your car loan. Traveling Vineyards paycheck arrives thrice in a month. Most of the Wine Guides earn an average of $100- $200 per week or in any event, but seemingly the amount on your paycheck depends entirely on how much time you dedicate to events, growing your business, and building your team. As your team grows, you’ll earn money from their success as well.

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Life Fulfillment
Some Wine Guides seek for a new challenge in life while for others, it’s a way of contributing to their regular income. Becoming a member of the Traveling Vineyard is a perfect way to push your limits and achieve without doing away with your regular duties.

Time flexibility and fun
As a Wine Guide, you set your schedules the way it fits you right. You choose how many events you can attend and when. It means that stay-at-home parents can get to spend prime kid time with their family, and permanent employees can adjust their working hours to fit Traveling Vineyards’ schedule. Along the course of this job which only involves going to talk about wine while tasting it, you get to educated on some interesting facts about wine, meet people with a different social dimension, and within a years’ time, you hold big wine parties and some are in exotic places.

You are a part of a team who you hold a common interest. You can also build a friendly relationship outside the business circle.

Finally, the perfect candidates to become a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide is anyone above eighteen years of age with passion towards the wine industry and wants to have fun.

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