Female Wikipedia Editor Praised for Pro-Feminism Campaign on the Popular Site

Emily Temple-Wood has received numerous praises for her role in creating a more gender balanced Wikipedia. Temple-Wood has been writing Wikipedia articles since she was 12 years old. Since then, she has continuously faced a lot of abuse, sexually inappropriate messages, sexist comments and trolling from some of the Wikipedia community. However, she has bravely weathered the storm ad still continues to write for the site. She recently started an innovative campaign to deal with trolling and the abuses she receives. For every hurtful trolling she encounters, she writes a new Wikipedia article about a female scientist.

Temple-Wood is currently studying Biology at Loyola University based in Chicago, Illinois. Today her idea has blossomed into the WikiProject Women Scientists campaign. It has its own page on the site and has since continued to tirelessly raise the profiles of top female scientists in the world. Her project has received a lot of praise and support by the Wikipedia site. It has been described as epic.

Get Your Wiki: Hire Wiki Experts

Get Your Wiki has many professional writers and Wikipedia editors for hire who create, edit and update Wiki pages for clients. The Wiki writing service serves individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations or any other famous entities. Every page created is properly formatted, well written and reliably sourced. All pages created by the Get Your Wiki team are all approved by the site. In addition, there is a money back guarantee for any page that is taken down.

Get Your Wiki has created many pages and content for top brands and public figures and is usually ranked as either the first, second or third in search results. Furthermore, the team offers constant and regular Wikipedia monitoring services. Given that the site is an open-source community, there is constant editing of pages that can sometimes be damaging to the reputation of an individual or a company. Any updates required by clients is done by an account manager ready to assist clients. The team also offers translation services.

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About Wikipedia and its Benefits

Wikipedia was founded by Jimmy Wales. It is currently ran and maintained by Wikimedia Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other related sites. It has employed 280 permanent staff with a database of over 127,601 active editors. Today, it has grown to become the seventh most visited site on the Internet.

FreedomPop Raises Money to Fund its Expansionist Plans

FreedomPop has recently embarked on an expansionist plan that aims to see it expand its market both locally and internationally. The company has received numerous funding from confident investors who believe in the profitability and growth of the mobile virtual network Operator (MVNO). The company CEO, Stephen Stokols, recently granted an interview to RCRwireless News about the expansion plans while giving some insight into the company’s operations.

FreedomPop runs on a cellular service that is provided by Sprint. Within the past year, the MVNO has acquired a lot of money in VC funding. The money will be used to fund extensive networks of international and domestic expansion plans. The newly infused cash has allowed the firm to remain independent after rumors of potential acquisition surfaced last year.

Stokols expressed confidence that the firm’s business model was well suited to allow it to compete favorably in the market. He also revealed FreedomPop’s future plans. The company was started in 2011and offers free mobile services to users in Europe and the United States.

Other News

The FCC reportedly leveled a $1.4 million fine imposed on Verizon after it acknowledged a supercookie embedded on the mobile internet traffic used by its customers. However, the company announced that it will allow customers to opt out of the target advertising program.

T-Mobile got $2 billion in financing to be used in its participation in a 600 MHz auction. The company had reported that was accruing funds for months in anticipation of the spectrum auction. Deutsche Telecom, T-Mobile’s parent company, pledged to offer additional funds required by purchasing T-Mobile’s senior notes.

Lastly, RootMetrics released a report on market comparison for its cellular network performance. The report revealed that Atlanta, Chicago and Indianapolis topped the top three positions. Hudson valley and Omaha were the two worst performing markets respectively.

Originally reported on RCRwireless News: http://www.rcrwireless.com/20160309/carriers/freedompop-rides-vc-funds-towards-expansion-tag2

New Developments In Shoes By Nike

InStyle covered a recent development with Nike. The athletic wear company has created a self-lacing training shoe. The company took much of its inspiration from the shoe that started the conversation of self-lacing shoes, Back to the Future. However, Tinker Hatfield, the Vice President for Design and Special Projects, also got some inspiration from the movie WALL-E. The blue LED light at the bottom of the shoe is where that inspiration comes out most vividly. The light at the bottom and the sensor in the heel of the shoe, that allows the automatic tightening, run on battery. This means that the shoes will need to be charged about every 2 weeks.

The main goal of the self-lacing shoe was not to be futuristic or copy the idea from the movies. It is a major feat because it is a fairly big step towards real-time fit customization. The shoe knows what the individual wants as soon as they put the shoe on. They want the laces to be tighten. So it does just that.

JustFab is one company that is also trying to understand what people want. The unique website is personalizing the shopping experience for consumers. They provide a shopping program that individuals can sign up for. When individuals go to their website they take a quiz. The quiz evaluates their personality and their style likes and dislikes. The user can then see a curated collection of clothes that fits her wants and needs exactly. Individuals can then sign up for a monthly subscription. Every single month, the staff at JustFab designs a brand new collection for each member. The member has 5 days to pick items and purchase them. If they do not want to purchase an item that month, $40 is charged to their card and they may then use that towards any item in future collections.

One major benefit to using the website’s service is that they are able to provide very significant discounts to customers. The savings can sometimes even reach 60 percent. The reason that they are able to do this is because JustFab has a team of professionals who are working to design collections of new clothing on a monthly basis. JustFab has a partner manufacturer and they do not go through wholesalers or retailers. Instead JustFab connects a designers collection directly to the consumer. This saves a considerable amount of money. There are also additional special benefits to consumers who join the VIP program, including extra discounts and offers. Follow them on Pinterest for daily outfit inspiration.

Food For Thought For Dog Owners

When it comes to feeding your dog, you want to be sure you are giving them the best food possible. That is why the gourmet dog food trend is growing at such an exponential rate.

The Daily Herald recently featured a piece that talks about PetFresh. PetFresh is the only national producer of refrigerated gourmet dog food. They have been making headlines due to their commitment to delivering top-notch products.

One thing that makes PetFresh unique is the lack of preservatives in their food. They process their products utilizing industry leading equipment and ship them directly to stores in refrigerated trucks.

Another element that makes PetFresh so unique is their commitment to quality ingredients. When reading the ingredient list, pet owners will be surprised at what they find. Some of the popular items they will find are salmon, lamb and fresh vegetables. These ingredients are meant to be as enticing to pet owners as they are their pets.

Purina Beneful is another leading brand of dog food. What makes Beneful so amazing is the wide variety of choices. Each product is made to suit the needs of your pet. For example, they have recipes that are made specifically for senior dogs and a weight loss variety.

Another reason Beneful is so popular is its fresh ingredients. They use ingredients like chicken, lamb, wild rice and vegetables in their food.

Deciding on what to feed your dog no longer has to be difficult. There are several brands like PetFresh and Beneful that are excellent choices.

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Sanjay Shah Aids in Research for Autism

Sanjay Shah has become quite familiar with autism and research over the past few years as he has started his charity called Autism Rocks. When his family found out that his youngest son was diagnosed with autism, it was an overload on the senses and although he had heard the word before, he wasn’t exactly sure what it meant. After a doctor’s visit and a phone call later it was affirmed that he did indeed have the neurological condition. His first response as a father was that he just wanted to fix it for his son, and make it go away. However, that cannot be done some simply. Sanjay Shah realized that he and his wife wanted to donate their money to researching the condition as they felt that is where the most valuable data comes from.

Through their concert they help raise donations which in turn, Shah donates to research teams. A lot of the money raised goes to the Autism Research Trust (ART). Their research team there called the Autism Research Center benefits from the funds an allows money to aid in their research process. The center is based at the Cambridge University that really focuses on and works hard to understand the cause and effects of autism. All of their research projects are long term and concentrate on identifying autism as early as possible to intervene so they will get the support they need early on. It can be a really hard thing to try and understand, and many people need the added, extra help to learn how to cope.

The future of Autism Rocks looks very promising as he has many future gigs set up to raise even more donations. The more money that is provided the farther research will god, and the closer they will become to understanding the condition better and helping those find the support and help that they need. The condition has been unrecognized for many years but has become more prevalent in the recent years.

Ross Abelow Is Working To Save Animals

Ross Abelow, a New York City lawyer, cares greatly about the welfare of homeless animals. He has started a project to help homeless animals find homes. He plans to do this by raising money to help house unsheltered animals at animal shelters. The funding is going to come from a Go Fund Me campaign that was started by the lawyer. Abelow hopes to get $5000 from the campaign that can be used to help stray animals. The funds are going to be donated to local animal shelters, and they will use the money to help care for stray animals in New York City. The campaign was started in mid-January of this year, and it is still going on. He hopes that the campaign will help reach animals that otherwise would not be cared for.

There are quite a few homeless dogs and cats in New York City. These animals are forced to survive in very dangerous conditions. Local shelters in New York City and elsewhere are aware that many animals are sleeping on the streets. However, they aren’t able to bring them all in. This is due to a lack of resources rather than unwillingness to take them in. In order to care for the animals, shelters need to have sufficient food and blankets to care for them. They do not always have this. Ross Abelow hopes to give the shelters access to these supplies through his donations. The money that he is raising is a relatively small amount. However, it is enough that it can be used by shelters to purchase supplies for quite a few animals. This could enable shelters to bring quite a number of these animals. Furthermore, it could help a lot of animals to find permanent homes. People commonly adopt animals from shelters in New York City and elsewhere.

The winter is a difficult time for strays. The cold makes survival on the streets difficult for homeless animals. Often times, shelters do not have space to take in all homeless animals. In many cases, stray animals are simply left to wander the streets. This season has been especially difficult for homeless animals in New York City. The weather this winter has been particularly cold, and this has contributed to the deaths of many homeless animals.

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New York City Attorney Starts Fundraiser To Benefit Animals

Ross Abelow, a New York City attorney who specializes in family law, has a special place in his heart for animals. Understanding just how cold the winter months can be, especially in the state of New York, Abelow started a fundraiser to help keep animals safe during the coldest months of the year.

The fundraiser was launched on January 13, 2016 with the goal of raising $5000 to donate to local shelters. The money will be used to provide food, blankets and medical care to animals who are homeless and vulnerable.

Winter is the time of year when temperatures drop quite drastically. Depending on the location, temperatures in New York have been known to drop well below zero. And as you very well know, these are life threatening conditions.

Often times, when animal lovers can no longer afford to care for their animals, they will put them out in the cold. Abelow, through the help of his fundraiser, wants to help prevent animals from dying due to the cold, and often times unbearable, temperatures. He wants to assist the shelters and enable them to take care of more homeless animals.

About Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow has been practicing law in the state of New York for over 20 years. Being that he grew up in the area, he decided to do his undergrad studies at the State University of New York.

He then went on to Brooklyn Law School where he attained his law degree in 1989. Since graduating he has focused on helping families deal with legal issues.

Being a student of the law, Abelow submits legal articles to Crown Point New York as well as a host of other blogs during his spare time.

If you would like to learn about or make a donation to Abelow’s fundraiser, please visit his GoFundMe page.

Kyle Bass: Fake or Snake?

There’s this poem about a snake. In the poem, a woman sees a frozen snake, has compassion, takes it in and gets bit. Then when she asks the snake why it bit her, the snake responds simply that it’s a snake, and the old woman should have known better. Argentina is kind of like that snake, and Kyle Bass is kind of like that snake’s bite. Who the old woman in the analogy is represented by remains to be seen, though it seems to be America. Following are some facts to give such a position credence.

Firstly, socialist despot president of Argentina Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has managed the country’s economy so badly that since 2003 it has defaulted twice. Kyle Bass, who made waves in ’08 when he predicted America’s economic collapse, always lends his support to Kirchner. Why would a cogent economic analyst do this unless he had an ulterior motive? There’s nothing economically positive about a double-default; even most socialists see that. So it seems apparent that Bass has a hidden relationship to Kirchner.

His economic venom has sunk into the US economy, too. UsefulStooges shows that Bass uses sick people to make money. He exploits their need, makes false promises, and then counts the money and likely grins, though no substantiated reports can be found to vet this grinning one way or another. The group he uses to effect such exploitation is CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It tells people that its goals are to make expensive medication less expensive for the infirm. But the way CAD accomplishes these goals is to either sign petitions or sue existing pharmaceutical companies so that Bass can short sell their stock after a price-drop. How can a successful pharmaceutical organization funnel funds that aren’t there into research and development? Bass has lowered the cost of certain pharmaceutical drugs as much as ten levels of magnitude. If a company’s sole drug loses 90% of its profit, it’s got to cut all R&D departments and focus on survival until it can operate from a margin of expansion once more.

Bass manages a hedge fund out of Texas, but that hedge fund seems to be in constant decline. Yet somehow he’s always on the mainstream media telling people how to think. It seems nothing but apparent that Bass has been sent up from Argentina with an ulterior agenda specifying his actions. But can this be corroborated directly?

Until the truth is known, be sure and consider everything Bass says as possibly informed by an agenda that remains hidden.