Wen By Chaz a New Staple for Beauty Blogger

I take pride in having beautiful hair. i remember as a child I was often picked on because I had hair that was less than perfect. It was really curly and while I embraced my curls many kids picked on me and often asked me what my ethnicity was simply because there was no way a little black girl could have curly hair without her being mixed with something. I knew it was possible so I was really good at brushing the haters off and completely ignoring their comments about my hair. I knew it was gorgeous despite what anyone said.
When it comes to hair I admire anyone who’s willing to take a risk to let readers know what products do and do not work. Emily Mcclure is happy to take those risks for Bustle readers and in the midst of a huge Wen hair by Chaz controversy I was happy to see that she was willing to let people know the products still worked and worked well.

For 7 days she used Amazon top selling Wen hair cleansing conditioner exclusively and was proud of he results it produced. While she admitted she wouldn’t stop using her typical hair products she did admit that Wen By Chaz Dean would become a staple in her closet.

Read full results here: http://www.wen.com/before-after.html

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Why Is Avi Weisfogel Raising Money With GoFundMe?

Avi Weisfogel is using GoFundMe to raise money for Operation Smile because it is the best and most effective way of raising money, and he believes that everyone who is using these pages can get more donors around the world. There are a lot of people who want to give to Operation Smile because they believe in its mission, and the GoFundMe page from Avi Weisfogel is the best place to come for such a thing.

Everyone who wants to give to this charity should make sure that they have made changes to the way that they give, and they will find it very easy to give because of the GoFundMe page. Avi Weisfogel is sending all that money to Operation Smile, and he is giving his time to go on trips with the charity to help people with dental needs. There are a lot of dental needs that should be addressed, and the only way to address them is to be sure that everyone in need is looking at ways to change their lives. They can come up to the mobile units from Operation Smile, and they can learn from Operation Smile what can be done to change their dental health. Dental health is very important for anyone, and the mobile units for Operation Smile go into these communities with people like Avi Weisfogel on board.

The GoFundMe page has a letter from Avi Weisfogel, and anyone can read about his mission. Learning about Operation Smile is the first step in giving.

Everyone who wants to give can find the link that is offered by Avi Weisfogel, and he wants to share as much as he can to get people to give even more than they already have. He knows that he can get a lot of help for the people of the world if he is sharing his GoFundMe link, and he also wants to make sure that he can make more trips on his own. He will do more surgeries for the people who need them, and he will help disadvantaged people get dental care that is so much in need today.

How Compliance Officers can Help Firms Uphold Ethical Business Practices

Not many individuals understand the role played by compliance officers. Well, they can be vindicated since these professionals have been practicing for relatively a short while. Their clout has however been burgeoning ever since they announced themselves to the world of business. Corporate Compliance and Ethics head honcho, Roy Snell asserts that these professionals are of utmost importance to businesses since they implement programs meant to avert, pinpoint and mend any ethical irregularities.

Compliance officers use common evaluation tools such as audit reports, risk assessments and staff sensitization to create an airtight system, which prevents future ethical lapses. The area of compliance has been growing steadily. It has experienced a remarkable growth considering that just two decades ago, there were virtually no compliance officers in the United States. The demand for these experts continues to snowball particularly with the continued growth of the financial services industry.

Debunking the Role of Compliance Officers

The work of these professionals is to ascertain that all laid down rules and regulations are followed to the letter. This is contrary to common perception that compliance officers only formulate punitive rules meant to hurt business entities. The experts ensure that employees do not make mistakes that might hurt the reputation of their firms. With more higher learning institutions incorporating courses that lean towards compliance, the profession is bound to attain greater heights.

Corporate Compliance and Ethics points out that it currently has more than 1,000 members strewn across 75 countries. The fact that most corporations are spreading to oversees frontiers means that they have to hire compliance officers who can help them follow regulations in different countries. The emergence of compliance officers to fix institutional challenges can help multinationals to gain a footing in the international market.

Helane Morrison’s Résumé

Helane is a distinguished attorney and compliance officer with more than 3 decades of experience. At the moment, Helane works at Hall Capital Partners as Managing Director, principal counsel and chief compliance officer. Ms. Morrison is a renowned civil rights attorney, which explains why she has seamlessly fit into the world of compliance.

Helane studied law at the University of California Berkeley School Of Law. She worked at as a civil servant before delving into legal practice at top American law firms. Before her appointment at Hall Capital, Helane was in charge of the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange Commission. During her time at SEC, she is credited for prosecuting many firms, which had breached securities regulations.

The Importance of Organization in Financial Planning

When it comes to financial planning, one needs to be very organized. Otherwise, his plans of financial independence will fail. Fortunately, Wealth Solutions is very organized when it comes to financial planning. In fact, Wealth Solutions breaks up the process into what is known as three pillars. The first pillar deals with financial road maps of clients. The second pillar deals with long-term strategies in investments. This part is customized to each client so that they can be sure of success. The third pillar deals with the insurance needs of the client. The client also prepares for the storms.

These pillars are the idea of Richard Blair. For one thing, he comes from a world of education with various family members working in the field. He understands the confidence that comes from education as well as the application of what is learned. One thing that Richard Blair uses to help with education and success is organization. When one is organized with his plans, he will be more likely to reach his goals. A disorganized person will stumble all over himself. Richard Blair, given his natural talent for financial management, uses his talent in order to help people achieve their financial goals.

With the three pillars that Blair has established, clients will be able to experience the financial freedom they desire. They get to learn about the strategies that work best for them. Wealth Solutions has a high success record with its innovative approach to serving clients. There is also the reallocation and management of assets in order to give the maximum performance and profits to the client. These three pillars work very well for any form of financial planning.

Richard Blair is willing to work with all types of clients in all types of situations. There are many goals that Richard Blair is experienced in helping people with. Among the goals that are helped with is retirement planning. It is important for people to be able to retire comfortably and be able to support themselves. Richard Blair makes sure that their clients are able to use their financial situation to their advantage.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Becomes Successful in the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Profession That’s Dominated by Men

The cosmetic plastic surgery field is dominated by male doctors in the United States. Dr. Jennifer Walden, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon in Austin, TX acknowledged there aren’t many women doctors who enters the medical specialty. During an interview with Texas Monthly, in 2012, she said there are approximately 8,100 board certified plastic surgeons in the nation, according to MD Monthly, on May 25th, 2016. Of the total certified plastic surgeons, only 851 are women and 180 are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. In Texas, she is among the estimated 12 female board certified surgeons.
Dr. Walden received inspiration to enter the medical field from her parents. Her mother was a surgical nurse and father was a dentist in her hometown. They taught her the importance of work ethics and providing services to people. With support of her family, she successfully completed undergraduate studies in Biology from the University of Texas. Immediately after receiving her bachelor’s degree, she began graduate studies and earned her PhD from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Dr. Walden completed medical residency training and moved to New Yok to pursue a career in aesthetic surgery.
Dr. Walden is proving to thousands of women in America that they have the power to reach for the stars and become a successful professional and single mother. After working in New York for some years, she moved back to Austin and started her on practice and surgery center, Walden Cosmetics. Dr. Walden believes the best place to raise her twin sons, Rex and Houston is her hometown. Her decision to return home is one the best professional moves for her career. She is one of the top aesthetic surgeons in the State of Texas and has become a leader to inspire other young women to consider cosmetic surgery as a career that’s ultimately dominated by men.


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Getting A Free Adwords Evaluation From White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a highly rated digital marketing company that serves customers in the United States and Europe. The main office of White Shark Media is found in Miami, Florida. Its European office is located in the town of Aars in Denmark. A second US office is also found in Atlanta, Georgia. White Shark Media has overseen over $36 million dollars in online marketing budgets in 2015. The firm has also published over 35,000 years and responded to over 300,000 emails in the same period of time.

If you are thinking about hiring a digital marketing agency for your business, but are not sure whether you will benefit from the services, you should consider getting a free evaluation. White Shark Media is one firm that offers clients a no obligation completely free adwords evaluation of your current strategy.  Learn more: https://twitter.com/whitesharkmedia and https://plus.google.com/+Whitesharkmedia

During the free adword evaluation of your current online marketing campaign an adwords specialist who is certified by Google will run a through examination of your campaign. Using the join.me screensharing platform, the adwords specialist will explain where you can improve your performance.

As the specialist explains things that could be improved upon, you can follow along because you will see exactly what the specialist is seeing and highlighting.

You have noting to lose by undergoing a free adword evaluation from White Shark Media. Even if you choose not to hire the company you will still have gained insight from a digital marketing expert from a reputable company.

If you are looking for services besides online marketing management, White Shark Media now offers search engine optimization or SEO services. This can help your business rank higher in search results on search engines like Yahoo.

If you are still not convinced that White Shark Media is a reputable and trustworthy online marketing and SEO company to work with consider the following. The company has actively responded to past client complaints. Below you will find an example of a complaint and how the company responded to it.

One complaint that customer had with White Shark Media is that adwords management was done through a new account for new clients. If a client already had a good marketing campaign in place, than this could actually be counterproductive.

As a result White Shark Media now offers clients the ability to continue working from their current account if they believe their old campaign continues to perform well.

Wengie on Turning Bad Eating Habits Into Good Ones

In her video Diet Tips: My BAD Eating Habits, Wengie serves up another video discussing healthful eating habits by popular demand from her viewers.

Wengie’s friend expressed disbelief that she had once been heavier, so she perused her old Facebook photos for proof. Even she was surprised at how much her physique had become more slimmed and toned compared to the older photos.

If you are trying to lose weight, Wengie emphasizes that it is a process that takes time. She discusses habits, and how it is your habits, be them good or bad ones, that have resulted in your current weight. She says that habits can take anywhere from 60 to 90 days to break. If you want to lose weight, you need to commit to at least 90 days to changing your bad diet habits into good ones that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

When at her heaviest, she was eating late into the night, eating chips, frozen dinners, and drinking soda pop. She was cooking large meals for both herself and her boyfriend, and that was just at home. Her wakeup call came when she noticed her belly hanging over her pants, and from being dissatisfied with her appearance in photos she had taken for her blog.

She stresses that healthful eating is the key to weight loss, and that starving yourself is harmful, and not the way she maintains her weight. She also mentions that having cravings for unhealthy foods is ok, and that she has those cravings too. She still eats foods like chips, but only in moderation and as an occasional treat.

After receiving several emails from her viewers asking for her weekly meal plans, Wengie developed an ebook of her favorite healthful meals that have helped her to lose and maintain her weight.


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Goetti merges with Moore to better service its customers

Goettl air conditioning may have recently moved to Las Vegas, but it continues to expand its holdings. It recently acquired Moore Air Conditioning. Goettl has stayed in business since 1939, and Moore Air Conditioning has over 50 years of experience providing services to the people of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas.

Ken Goodrich, the CEO of Goettl, says the acquisition allows him to better serve his customers. Goettl remains committed to providing the best service possible to its customers. To further the goal of providing the best possible service, Goodrich wants to make sure that he has the best trained technicians in the industry.The 50 or more technicians needed for the newly merged company will come from the College of Southern Nevada. Goodrich supports the school through the J. Duncan Goodrich endowment, and he supports returning veterans through the Kenneth D. Goodrich Post 9/11 Veterans Scholarship fund. The scholarship is awarded to returning military members who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and who want to pursue an HVAC career.

Goettl may become the dominant HVAC service provider in the Las Vegas Market, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The merger gives it a 50% share of the market in Sin City.

Visit goettlshdm.com to know more about company.