Soros Vs. O’Keefe, A Peculiar Tale

When a man calling himself Victor Kesh rang into the call center of George Soros‘ international charity group, the Open Society Foundation, line worker, Dana Geraghty thought little enough of it – at first. The man identifying as Victor Kesh went on to say that he applauded what Ms. Geraghty and the foundation were doing, stating that he deeply wished to aid them in their “fight for European values,” then asserting that he, himself, was a Hungarian American and that such issues were core to him. Ms. Geraghty noted all of this and then the man hung up – or at least seemed to (more on this can be read here: Rawstory. However, the man did not still realize he was on the line and being recorded and began to have a conversation with someone behind him. What followed next was most unusual.

Mr. “Kesh” suddenly spoke to the person beside him, saying “don’t say anything until after I hang up!” Kesh then went on to say that what really needed to happen for their “plan” to be successful was for there to be hundreds more calls, just like this one. Kesh also detailed how he had opened to Ms. Geraghty’s LinkIn profile page (a social media site focused on career and business networking) to better worm his way into what he rather oddly described as “George Soros’ octopus.” What Mr. Kesh failed to realize is that all that this accomplished was self-doxxing, as the man’s LinkIn account was fully revealed to Ms. Geraghty. It turns out that Mr. Kesh was not Mr. Kesh and that, just like with Slevin Kelevra, it was but a ruse. Victor Kesh’s real name is James O’Keefe and prominent young conservative activist with a penchant for undercover journalism.
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But the pertinent question is, “why.” Why was Mr. O’Keefe trying to infiltrate the Soros backed Open Society Foundation? Well, he recently discussed his motivations in a interview after the scandal started receiving media attention. Mr. O’Keefe stated that his goal, as well as the goal of his agents, was only to investigate the multi billionaire’s financing, specifically the financing occurring through the Open Society Foundation. The reason for this is that Mr. O’Keefe firmly believes that Mr. Soros is disseminating communist propaganda in a attempt to undermine American democracy. Despite these allegations, and due to O’Keefe’s own mistakes, no evidence of these claims could be provided.

Achievements Of Ken Goodrich As The President Of Goettl Air Conditioning

Goettl Air Conditioning is an Arizona-based company that offers, cooling, heating, and air conditioning to United States residents at an affordable price. This company provides mobile services to make it easy reaching their clients in an efficient manner. Goettl Air Conditioning Limited is headed by Ken Goodrich, who is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the business sector.

Goettl Company is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States. Goettl Air Conditioning Company was founded in 1993 in a very favorable condition. By then, very few companies were offering air conditioning services in the country. This Company has an average number of 150 employees who are skilled in dealing with HVAC machines. Recently, Goettl Air Conditioning Limited established other branches in California, Phoenix, and Tucson. Visit LinkedIn to know more about Ken Goodrich.

The Arch News recently made a publication regarding the achievements of Ken Goodrich in Goettl Air Conditioning Company. Mr. Goodrich is a man of diverse talents. Apart from being a top-notch investor, he is also an entrepreneur and a strategist who has achieved lots of success in the business sector. Ken Goodrich is one of the most successful business person, who has led in the success of Goettl HVAC Company.

Ken Goodrich possesses vital teamwork skills. He has been working together with the company’s employees towards meeting client’s needs and specifications. After taking over as the principal of Goettl Company, revenue of more than $20 million dollars was realized. In the previous year, Goettl Air Conditioning Company had recorded revenue of $11 million dollars.

Before signing with Goettl Air Conditioning, Mr. Ken Goodrich had worked with other companies, which he helped in their dreams realization. According to the Arch news publication, the foundation of Goettl was a bit different as compared to the companies he worked for before. To make his dreams come true as the president of Goettl Company, Goodrich focused on the observance of the code of ethics in the company and making his employees gain confidence.

Investor Ken Goodrich also observes the emerging issues in the HVAC industry. To reach his clients in an efficient way, Ken has set up a customer care team that is attending to customers’ needs in a friendly manner. Open these links to know more on the quality HVAC services offered by Goettl Company.

Eric Pulier – a Model Philanthropic Entrepreneur

The most notable and successful individuals in society are multidimensional. These people go beyond their own financial and career concerns to touch others’ lives. People who choose to use their talents to help others less fortunate are a model for all of us to study and learn from. They point toward a future where we all benefit by helping others. Eric Pulier, digital entrepreneur and philanthropist, is an example of someone who has gone beyond self-centered success. Harvard educated, Pulier has never hidden in an ivory tower. Since his graduation in 1988, this entrepreneur has focused on helping those less fortunate.

Through his groundbreaking work with media, technology and software, Pulier has long worked to benefit those who can’t do for themselves – to help the poorest and most needy to lead better, more productive and healthy lives.

As one of his early projects, for example, Pulier worked with the Multiple Sclerosis Society which provides research funds for people suffering from MS. Through this organization, Pulier developed computer technology to help those with insufficient motor skills to independently interact with software to learn and communicate. As a result, since the mid 1990s, more than twenty-five hospitals in the United States use Pulier’s technology to help MS patients learn and be less isolated from others.

Pulier’s more recent ventures reflect his continued impetus to use technology to help others. The Ace Foundation, a charitable trust founded by Pulier, strives to implement software solutions to help public and private ventures which help people around the world.

Like so many who have devoted their lives helping others, Pulier continues to reach out and communicate in an effort to contribute to others less fortunate. Pulier has hosted radio shows and even published a book to continue his exploration of how technology can help those who are sick, needy, and who simply haven’t had a chance to benefit from all that America has readily provided him. We are fortunate to benefit from someone so intelligent and devoted to others.

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Diversant Continues to be Led by John Goullet

The IT industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. As technology continues to improve and expand, the need for IT professionals becomes even more important. At the same time, the amount of IT professionals is not growing at the same pace as the technology, which has created a significant job shortage. For those that are in need of IT professional staffing, working with a IT staffing firm could be very beneficial.

One of the leading IT professional staffing firms in the country is Diversant, a company that specializes in connecting businesses of all size with IT professionals. Diversant has a wide range of clients, which include Fortune 500 companies all the way down to small family offices.

Diversant provides a number of different services to its clients. The primary service that they provide is matching professionals with open positions. Diversant will work with each client in detail to get a full understanding of what their staffing needs are, which tasks need to be completed, and what issues they have had staffing in the past. Based on this information, they will be able to work with a pool of their professionals to find the best option based on skill level, experience, and job location.

Diversant was initially started by principal John Goullet, who has been in the IT staffing industry for over 20 years. Goullet previously worked for Info Technologies, an IT staffing company that he started in the early 2000s. While he started as a small company, he quickly grew the company to earn over $30 million per year, which made it one of the top 10 firms in the country. In 2010, he merged his company with Diversant, LLC to make the company that it is today. Ever since the merger, Goullet has continued to stay in a senior leader role which has helped the company to build many different commercial relationships.

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The Success of The Dynamic Search Partners

One of the top executive search firms in the United States is Dynamic Search Partners. Dynamic Search Partners is a company that is dedicated to finding top talent for any client looking for a new leader or new individuals in executive positions that bring positive contributions the the company. Specifically, this company is talented in finding the best of the best for hedge fund firms as well as for private equity industries. Dynamic Search Partners already has had a successful ten year record of pairing talented individuals to all levels of businesses in any region around the world in order to promote success.

The secret behind the company’s success is leader, Keith Mann who believes that a company is not a successful company without create strongly tied bonds and partnerships with the client in order to demonstrate Dynamic Search Partner’s quality. Mr Mann believes that strong businesses are the foundation for a business and that they allow the development of an extensive network of success and quality services.

In recent news, Keith Mann has created a new scholarship that has been specifically tailored to help the best and the brightest kids out of high school pursue a high level of education despite their family’s income. This money is to be specifically donated to the Uncommon Schools which are a series of charter schools for kids all around the country. The Uncommon Schools’ latest charter school will be opening soon in Brooklyn. The particular location has already made connections with Dynamic Search Partners due to the fact that Keith Mann will be donated $10,000 to this location.

Keith Mann has always had an act for spotting success. With over 15 years in the business of finding talent, Keith Mann is a well respected individual within this industry. Keith Mann has now dedicated a certain amount of funds to help the Uncommon Schools’ initiative grow. The Uncommon Schools is already proud to have over 42 charter schools already built with the goal of helping children to pursue a higher level of education. This initiative is a initiative that Mr. Mann is only too happy to support.

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Handy increases funds from investors for expansion

Handy is an online platform that makes it easy for consumers to get professional services. The services include cleaning the house, repairing and other services such as plumbing in a home. It was founded in 2011 by Hanrahan and Dua. The online platform got funding from institutions such as Fidelity and some existing investors who include Highland Capital, General Catalyst among others. The company that was co-founded by the CEO Hanrahan confirmed that they will use the funds to expand to cities and reach a figure of 56 cities.

Handy has had a smooth ride, and it is still thriving for greater success. It has been involved in a completely turning around of the online platform of offering cleaning services. During its first three years, it had hit a $ 1 million value in booking per week. It is, however, heading to perform highly due to its products. The latest mobile app has turned the experience into a better one to their consumers.

Spring cleaning is the best practice that makes homes clean. In most homes cleaning the houses that involve thorough work is not guaranteed. It has been an enormous task for other companies to offer such services but Handy is proving to be the king in the industry. Spring cleaning makes the house structures more refurbished and brings a new look to the homeowners. It is a tedious process, and it’s vital that consumers get the best service that they require from the companies.

Handy has been able to reach that market from the services that they provide. The company thoroughly vets cleaning professionals and other service providers before being allowed to offer any services. The company gets most of its customers through referrals, and this has made them successful in their operations.

Consumers require a flexible app that they can be able to interact freely with. Handy has offered a mobile platform where they can request for services at their comfort. The app has made it flexible for the professional cleaners by connecting them correctly with the clients. In 2015, it remained the sole service provider when Homejoy its competitor left the market.

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Handy raises $50 million months after rival shuts down

Highland Capital Management Targets the Distressed Argentina Bond Issue

Argentina has finally decided to enter into the global capital markets after brokering a deal with bondholders who were preventing the country from issuing the debt in the world market. The standoff was due to the previous policy as put forward by the former president Mauricio Macri. However, despite the battle with bondholders which has forced the financial institutions to shy off from the new debt, Highland Capital Management has expressed its desire to lead as the buyer in the new bond issue. The company oversees about $19 billion and is still looking to buy “significant amounts” of the new securities offered by Argentina.

The Highland Capital Management plan to invest is being viewed as a good sign for the country as it attempts to attract investors to the new bond issue to sell an unprecedented amount of debt to pay its creditors. The current distressed debt is what James Dondero is experienced for, but it has put the country in an awkward situation as it plans to exits default. According to James Dondero, HCM’s co-founder and president, the company plan to hold what it has right now and still look to buy the new issuance. He said that the firm is optimistic that Argentina about the price of the debt and where it is likely to trade.

The expectations at the moment are that Argentina will place its bond at the yield of 7.5% to 8% which could fall to 6% based on the outlook of the country. HCM is an investment organization that has experienced steady growth in the last few years. Recently, the president of the company, Mr. Dondero was forced to hire a new executive to head the institutional products division in the company. The position was necessary to meet the growing demands of the market, especially the portfolio risk management across the firm.

James has more than three decades of experience within the credit markets and currently oversees all the investments strategies of the company. Jim Dondero works in close collaboration with his co-founder Mark Okada to manage the $21 billion in assets under management and is being credit for being one of the earliest pioneers in the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) when he launched the first non-bank CLOs in 1996.

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Charles Koch And Michael Bloomberg Save On Free Speech In Colleges

Charles Koch was born in the year 1935. He is a political donor, contributor as well as a business person. In the political arena, he finances the Republican Party. He is the co-owner and also the chief executive officer of the Koch industries. According to Forbes survey 2010, Koch Industries is the second-largest privately owned company by revenue in the United States. Koch was ranked the 9th richest person in the world in 2014 with an estimated net worth of $ 37 billion.

Michael Bloomberg was born in the year 1942. He is a politician, philanthropist, and a business administrator. Mr. Bloomberg is also the former New York City mayor with a net worth of $ 45billion making him the 6th richest person in America and 8th in the world. He is the chief executive officer of Bloomberg L.P, which is a media company used immensely by investment professionals around the world.

In the recent college commencement season, Charles Koch and Michael Bloomberg called on all universities across the world to uphold free speech principles. During this season, speakers are invited to offer words of advice to the graduating class. They advised the grandaunts to stop oppressing freedom of expression and also tolerating controversial ideas.

Koch and Mr. Bloomberg also said that free speech accorded to the students is always crucial to the college education. They advised the administrators and faculty of universities to encourage a marketplace of ideas where individuals would air their controversial opinions without fear of intimidation or harassment. They said that those students and lecturers who dared to challenge this idea would be sanctioned officially.

Ideas such as all people having equal rights, lesbians and gays being able to marry whom they choose and women deserving the right to elect leaders were once minority views and many people found them offensive, yet many Americans now hold them dear. This is because people were allowed to discuss them freely.

Koch and Mr. Bloomberg also said they believed that the new dynamic where there would be oppression to free speech threatened the fabric of a free and democratic society as well as causing a harmful service to the students.

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The Keys to Success from a Man Who Knows Them

You will hear time and time again that there is no chance at succeeding at any business endeavor without a college degree, but Marc Sparks begs to differ in his new book, THEY CAN’T EAT YOU. Get more info about the book here They Can’t Eat You: Marc Sparks: 9780990495000 and here Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

The book can show the reader that success does not necessarily have to take a long time to happen and that following the regular paths like rising slowly in a company, are not the only way of achieving the goals you want for yourself.

Marc Sparks was an average high school student at best, and never attended college at all. Everyone told him he would never be able to make anything out of himself, but using some careful strategies, he has managed to build the business he has always wanted. The book covers his whole path to success,and then offers tips on how to achieve a similar one yourself.

According to Citrite, Marc Sparks has had years and years of experience, both with successful entrepreneur opportunities as well as with less successful ones. He has learned from each experience, obtaining the kind of learning that no college could ever have taught him.

He has attempted businesses that people said would not be possible to start, making him more than qualified to write a book that can help other people achieve their goals.

If you have ever wanted to begin your own company, but are not sure if you have what it takes, this book can show you all you need to know to make a start down a successful path.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime: Helping Over 2 Million Unicorns Sparkle


Okay, maybe Doe Deere and Lime Crime aren’t helping over two million actual unicorns sparkle. The term “unicorn” is what Doe Deere uses to describe fans and users of her eye-popping line of cosmetics, Lime Crime.

Lime Crime started in the late nineties and early oughts, when Doe had an eye toward designing fashionable dresses. While that venture didn’t end up working as well as she had hoped, the name “Lime Crime” began there. It comes from Doe’s favorite lime-green shade of lipstick; a color so vibrant and eye-catching it “should be illegal!”. At least that’s Doe’s reasoning; and with it you can see the tongue-in-cheek attitude she brings to her marketing endeavors. The name rhymes and is cleverly contrived, making it ultimately attractive to a wide variety of users. And, like a unicorn prancing on a rainbow made of dreams, Lime Crime cosmetics are designed to be resonant and remarkable; as were the initial dresses which first bore the brandname. But then there was silence from Doe Deere for several years. Well, not silence exactly. Sky Salt, the band her and her husband bandied about Los Angeles, took precedence from 2002 to 2008. But during that time Doe got to know LA, and to see who her potential unicorns would be.

Doe Deere is originally from Russia, but grew up in New York. Now living in LA, her experiences in high fashion transcend countries and span the globe. Bringing this experience to bear, Lime Crime quickly began to expand under Deere’s development. Currently owner and CEO of the company, Deere’s prerogative is to help women express themselves with her neon line of commanding cosmetics. So far, she’s been very successfully. Lime Crime’s Instagram account has recently expanded beyond two million followers, showing just how popular the brand has become. It seems that unicorns are breeding unicorns, and many of them have Doe Deere to thank!

The future for Lime Crime at this time is bright. Modernity allows for expression in a way that wasn’t possible even a decade ago, making the brand stylistically profound. Also, Lime Crime cosmetics come from a cruelty-free development policy. While many makeups use animals to ensure products aren’t toxic to users, Lime Crime avoids this explicitly. What more could you expect from the leader of burgeoning unicorns the world over? Unicorns do not support animal cruelty! And neither does Lime Crime.

With more than two million devoted fans across the world, and more adding themselves to that number every day, the uniqueness of Lime Crime cosmetics has propelled it to exceptional levels of recognition. Doe Deere continues to develop innovative ways of upgrading the cosmetic system, and it’s no wonder her creative expression has caught on.

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